June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thoughts of Being Sick

One of the things, I never think to be thankful for
is health. Today, I am reminded that health is indeed
a gift from God. All the things that I am reminded of today.
Simple things like cleaning the kitchen, feeding my chickens
and taking the dog for a walk. I knew I was getting sick last
night so I fed my chickens really good.

I cleaned the kitchen this morning and the kids do a
good job of keeping it clean when I am sick. The older ones
really to pitch in to help me.

I don't know when I have felt like this and I feel
bad that I made my kids do school anyway. I would
tell them they could go to bed after school was finished.
So today I am really thankful for health because today,
I realized, I really do take it for granted.

Oh early this morning when I couldn't sleep and I was writing
blog posts in my head. I have been thinking of what would be
my perfect day if I was going to write one down.

It came to me. My perfect day would be this:

I would wake up some morning and when I got out
of bed I would be skinny. :)
The end.

So I thought I would share that, It took a bunch of thinking to whittle it
down to that.

I am going to stop now as I think I have sat up long enough.
I also realize I am addicted to blogging.
Have a great evening.



  1. LOL! Oh my gosh that's hilarious. Although I really do think you are beautiful the way you are.

    I'm glad you're addicted to blogging, I love your posts. But you should be in bed! :)

    I love you - get better!

  2. Aww, I hope you get well soon! Being sick is no fun. We're all hacking up a lung over here, and the kids have actually made themselves throw up, they've been coughing so hard. Get lots of sleep!

  3. When we are all at the Betty Ford Clinic for blogging addiction, do you think we could all wake up skinny?

    Feel better soon.

  4. Oh Kim-you stole my perfect day--but I would add--and could stay skinny and eat anything I wanted :)
    Sorry you've been feeling poorly. My husband has too--running a fever today. Health is the most important thing we have physically but we do take it for granted :)

  5. Now wasn't it just last week you said something about being a soft grandma was much better than being a skinny one? Or am I getting my bloggers mixed up?! :)

  6. haha...You and I have the same BEST day dream!! heehee!! Hope you feel better soon! One benefit I like about sickness is I tend to not eat much--best day in the making ;)

  7. Kim, I'm sorry that you're sick and I hope that you feel better soon. Waking up skinny may be a perfect day for you but I'm skinny and my day is still not perfect, lol. Sending healing vibes your way.

    I love checking my blogging friends' blogs and I spend way too much time on the computer and not enough on my hooking and quilting. I've been thinking to seriously cut my blogging time in half, then I may get time to do the things that are on my to do list, done.


  8. HAHA...Now that would be my perfect day too for sure.. Sorry you are not feeling well. It seems like everyone is dropping like flys suddenly..that time of year I guess. Trust me if there is one thing I don't take for granted anymore it is health after the year I have had. I honestly feel if you have that you have everything (next to the Lord of course)you need. It is soo hard to do the just the everyday things you MUST do without it. Health is at the very top of my prayer list, and the very top of my thanks list. Praying you get better quickly. And may we both get skinnier in this next year, haha HUGS, Debbie

  9. Maybe when you feel better we can start a Bloggers Anonymous group like AA.

    My name is Kim and I am a Blogaholic!

  10. You made me laugh out loud when I read about your perfect day! Your leaves are so pretty. It must seem strange to those in other parts of the country to think that we're so excited by rain, but we're looking forward to it too. I hear the wind howling right now.
    As for having the kids do school, well I've do the same thing :-)

  11. Kim praying for you to feel better soon, and I love the thought of me being skinny as I began my day, but have almost put that dream to rest. lol.

    It was hard for me to post today, because I have been sick since the party, maybe too much party or for real ...just over worked. lol But like you I have to admit to love blogging. Now young lady, I am prescribing some much needed rest for you, and plenty of fluids. After all I out rank you because of age. lol
    Much love,

  12. Bless your heart...funny even when you are sick! That would be my perfect day, too! :-)

  13. Kim, hope you are on the mend soon. In our neck of the woods colds are rampart and appear to be hanging on longer than usual. T'is the season for giving, If you get my drift. Hang in there sweetie, sending well wishes. ~Julie~

  14. So sorry you are sick...prayers for healing are with you right now! And yes, we all take it for grant and yes, I make my kids do their school work also!
    I love your perfect day...that is the same here...it would be fun to buy clothes for a skinner body!
    I too have written a perfect day post in my head but haven't posted it!

    Have a wonderful healing day...and the most Blessed Thanksgiving....and thanks for being a blogging friend!! I wish I lived close and I would bring you some homemade chicken soup!


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