Friday, November 26, 2010

Stuff I was Thinking About

I was walking around with my camera trying to get
pictures of the last of the leaves, before the wind
comes and the next storm. I found this bunch with
all colors and I thought it was so nice a fallish.
I have the house mostly decorated now. All except
the Christmas tree. My daughter had to work today,
and her favorite thing of the year is watching Dad fight
with the Christmas tree so we have to wait. It isn't
nearly as much fun since we got a fake tree.

The kids enjoyed it when we would get 15 foot trees,
with a 10 foot ceiling. Then to watch the boys wrestle it
in the house, and what was even more fun was trying
to get the tree in the Christmas tree stand.

The house with it's Christmas tree lights up tonight.
It always makes me so happy at night to drive around
town and see Christmas lights on houses.

I also wanted to tell you that I soaked the turkey in brine for the first
time. I think it was the best turkey ever. It was moist and had
really good flavor. I think that will be the way I will do turkeys
from now on. I might try experimenting with different flavors.
But that was a good thing to try. It had amazing results.

We were outside putting up the Christmas lights and
next door is a old garage. It is the only original building left
from when the place was homesteaded. These wild
kitties have decided that it is their house. The were really
interested in what we were doing so they sat in the window
and watched. My son got the camera and they let
him get real close. My sister-in-law feeds them.
I know that is why she hasn't fixed the window, so they
have some place to get in out of the cold.

I already have a cat from this extended family.
They are nice cats with nice personalities, my son
and his family took one of the family to be their cat.

In this picture, you can see the third cat. I didn't
know that there was three cats until I looked at the
picture close up.

I hope that you have a lovely Saturday.



TexWisGirl said...

Oh, hug your sis-in-law for me for feeding those sweet wild kitties, and for not fixing that window which is their doorway. I wish I had more kitties here, but the dogs eliminated all but one of the barn cats, and now he's been alone so long that he won't allow any other cats to cohabitate with him... They are so sweet. And that leaf bunch is fantastic!

Julia said...

Kim, your house is so beautiful and looks fantastic all lit up. I still haven't put up my lights yet. My ladder is at the farm and I didn't bother getting it.

It's amazing to still have colored leaves on your trees and having Christmas decorations at the same time.

It's nice of that neighbours to feed the cats. but before you know it there will be a multitude of cats unless they are spayed. There shouldn't be too many mice around. Stay safe and cosy. JB

carmilevy said...

All I could think of when I saw the photo of your house lit up was this: "Home". You write with such a lovely spirit, and your photos are exquisite. I'm glad I dropped by tonight.

Farmchick said...

Love your house with the pretty.

Hoping your Thanksgiving was great. Stop by my blog -- would love for you to join in my Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Recipe Swap. :)

Debbie said...

We got most of our Christmas decs up today but will do the tree tomorrow...Your home looks gorgeous...soo homey. I'm curious how you brine the turkey...I have always wanted to, but never have. I have a hundred memories of our Christmas tree hunts and putting them up adventures too, haha...such good memories...Enjoy the rest of your week-end.

Jacque. said...

Your house looks so gorgeous all lit up! Love the kitty photos. Love all of your photos!

Kent Island Red said...

Hi Kim,
Your house is just beautiful and I am just in LOVE with those cats. What a great picture. Enjoy your Saturday as well.

Razzberry Corner said...

Kim, your house is so beautiful. The kitties are adorable, too!

Tulip said...

That first kitty shot is glorious! Lil' heads sticking out with all the curiosity they're known for.

Kessie said...

The house looks gorgeous! Alex keeps asking when we can go to gramma's and see the Christmas tree. :-)

Sue said...

Kim, Your house is beautiful, you beat me with the outside decorations ours is almost finished. We, dh and I, have been dragging our feet this week. We plan to finish tomorrow after lunch.
I love the kitties sitting on the window sill. priceless!

I read your Friday post, and was so blessed by seeing your grandchildren eating together, that is really a priceless photo. I have never brined a turkey, but am now glad to know that it is moist.

No need to ask, but know you had a beautiful day with your family, how blessed to be together. Our children live so far away that it is almost impossible to get them together anymore for most holidays. But we want them where God wants them and one day I know we will be together for eternity. But until then we will have to settle for e-mails. and phone calls, I haven't got into texting yet, it would take me to long as I would have to spell every word. LOL

I do cherish your friendship.
Much love,

Sue said...

Oh! Kim, I forgot to tell you I love your new blog design,Your headerpic. is absolutely stunning, and what I love about changing my design is that it's free. lol