June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Walking Around On A Wednesday

It has felt a bit like fall this week. Where we live in
Central California, we get this lovely stuff after a rain,
called Tule Fog. It has been compared to London fog for
its density. I keep expecting to get up one morning and
not be able to see across the yard. I can see it rising
from the ground in the morning when I get up and I can
see it in my pasture when I am walking out back but as of
yet, it hasn't taken over. The one good thing is my
Morning glories stay open all day. I was out the other
morning and they were starting to open which
I have never got a picture of before. They are only open until
about 11:00 in early summer and when it is really hot they are closed
by 9:00 AM

I was amazed at the star shape. I had never seen that
before either.

I loved the the little white stripe that they have before
they are completely opened.

I loved how soft they looked and so just crumpled up
like a piece of tissue paper.
I just had to take a picture of this leaf. This leaf is not
posed. I was walking down the side of my yard and
I went through a pile of leaves and there was this lovely
leaf just laying on the ground. I was so glad I had my camera.

I really, really do love fall.

I have to tell you though about the conversation at the library today.
I had ordered a library book that wasn't in our system so today
I had to go pick it up.
I walked in the library and I noticed that there was a new librarian.
I can't help it but she looked a bit grouchy.
That fear I used to have when I was a kid and the librarians were so
strict came over me.
I got my book off the shelf at the self pick-up and walked up
to the counter. I gave her my card and she asked for my
address and right away I knew something was
up. She looked at me real close and I fumbled saying
my address. I thought to myself, " Yeah, that's my address,
yeah that's right."
Then she looks over my account and as I am short and she was
tall she looks down with a very commanding voice. "
You already have 13 books out." Fear jumps into
my throat and the other librarian who is my friend
is sitting there looking something up on the computer and
I said, " It's okay they know me here, they are aware of my
addiction." The nice librarian looks up and laughs and says,
"Oh, yes Kim is okay, we know her."
The new librarian humphs a bit and gives me my book.
I said, They aren't due for three weeks because I always
renew online. I took my book and got out of there.
I love my little library. I didn't know there were librarians
like that around anymore. It gave me a lot to laugh about
on my way home. I love running into people who make life
interesting. I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. Ha! Sounds like the librarian was once a Catholic nun at a grade school I used to attend. :)

  2. Kim, loved looking at your beautiful morning glorys. They are amazing. Never seen them all folded up. I know you are already wondering what the next trip to the library will be like... you put that sweet smile on and teach her what kindness will do!

  3. haha...and here i thought i was the only one who had run-ins with librarians like that:) Phew!
    (At least you find it interesting....I have yet to see it that way. You inspire me:))

    Those Morning Glories DO look like crumpled pieces of beautiful paper.
    I love these shots of them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just fell across your blog and (after I picked myself up) I saw all the magnificent pictures. The crisp close-ups are like water in my glass. Hence I clicked the follow button!

  5. Cute story!! Lovely pics, too, Have a great Wednesday!

  6. Good Morning Kim, I am still smiling over the story of the librarian, here is why... My dh runs into not so friendly people all the time, and he will start a conversation with them, always making them talk. when we walk away I ask him, why he did that, as I would have taken care of business and left. lol. I don't like rejection. lol "He says,"maybe talking with them will change their moods." Sometimes it works other times it doesn't. lol.

    Your Morning Glories are beautiful, and to be able to catch them in these stages is awesome!
    Thank you for your words of encouragement, I really made a mess of my blogs.
    As always I leave so blessed, enjoy your day!
    Much love,

  7. The flowers are so pretty. We have a bell shaped morning glory here on the east coast. They do not have pointed petals. I like the pix of the leaf.

    We had a really nasty librarian.She stood out like a sore thumb because our others are so sweet. One day we had visitors to our farm. I had a friend over and we were in the same area. My friend and I were sharing war stories about the nasty librarian. One of the visitors joined us and seemed to be genuinely interested in our conversation. It turns out she is part of the administration of the library system. Within a few weeks I noticed the nasty librarian was being sort of nice. It seemed like she was straining, but it was still an improvement. I asked a friend who works there and she told me that they sent her to a class to teach her people skills. Two years later she has improved greatly. There is still a "concrete wall" to her personality, but you never know what trials folks have that make them into what we see. That is not to write off bad behavior, because I know folks who have had tragic lives who are as kind as can be. To quote my mom, "It takes all kinds!"
    Have a good Wednesday- hump day!

    ps- I'm doing lots (LOTS) of pickled beets and applesauce today.

  8. Hi Kim,
    Funny story because we have what I call our "good" and "bad" librarians, too. Since I'm a frequent patron I know all of the librarians and will even wait to check out my books until one of the "good" librarians is available. The funny part is, the "good" are always good - meaning nice, friendly, and the "bad" ones are ALWAYS bad, as in grouchy and mean. It takes a lot of energy to be mean all the time, don't you think?

  9. Kim, how can a librarian look at you and be grumpy? Beats me... Maybe next time choose a book that suggest how to be a nice to people, lol... I can be nasty in subtle ways. On second thoughts, I hope that you make friend with her as she is probably in need of friends.

    Your Morning Glory flowers are gorgeous. My former old neighbor loved Morning Glory flowers but his wife didn't plant them because they closed up most of the day. So I planted some next to the utility post and someone who was helping with the weeding thought they were weeds and pulled them all out so I never planted them again.

    I love the photo of your fall leaf, very pretty. JB

  10. a grumpy librarian? very interesting. should we name
    her? -the librarian lizard. :)

    and now we will have to pray that the Lord will soften
    her heart and give you words of encouragement for her
    each time.

    your morning glory photos are enchanting. i just love
    them all furled up like that.


  11. Kim, That is such a cute story. Isn't it funny how certain situations bring you back to being a little girl! I get that same nervous feeling when I get stopped by the police at those random check-points. I know I wasn't speeding and have all my papers and seat belt on but I still feel guilty!

  12. We have a grumpy librarian?? Oh my gosh, I never thought that could happen anymore. All the ladies at our library are always so sweet.

    I just love your morning glories. They're so beautiful. I hope one day I'll have a mess of them too.

  13. Beautiful pictures of your Morning Glories! I'm impressed with how you got them at the different stages of opening....very professional!!
    Funny story about the librarian. You know I think it takes more energy to be grumpy than to be nice....someone should share that with her! You want to volunteer? ha! ha! Thanks for your sweet comments!

  14. Wonderful pictures of your morning glories. Seems like there are many librarians that come across a bit grumpy not sure why!

  15. Such a cute story---a librarian living up to the old legend. Your morning glories are so pretty and they do look like tissue paper all crumpled up :)


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