Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You Might Have To Many Animals When...

This is a picture of Mouse, the biggest cat ever, and should be named Cowardly Lion, this is a picture of him underneath the pillow on my bed. When people come over his level of stress are the layers on my bed he hides under, He had a very traumatic beginning to life and it has made him a very OCD cat. My son found him when he was very tiny, and it looked like someone had thrown him out of a car he had a broken leg, and was abandoned on one of the coldest days of the winter. My son brought him home now he lives with us.
Today, I am writing this on Monday because I am going to a tea party with a dear friend and won't be home to write this on Tuesday.
Today I have cleaned house, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen six times that I know of and it is barely past lunch. My niece and nephew are out of school today so upstairs is the sound of kids playing a video game with much yelling and noise.
I thought, maybe I can get a nap. I was rather proud of myself getting a nap on the 21st of December. I went into my room, laid down, telling myself, I will just stay here until the dryer buzzes. I shut my eyes, when my son's dog, comes up puts her cold nose to my nose and whines.
I go to the foot of the stairs call up to my son and tell him he needs to take his dog for a walk. Much grumbling I might add because I am breaking up the game.
I leave. I go back to my room, but a cat has taken my place, because you know how cats are about warm places on cloudy days. I tell him no way and scoot him over. I lay back down. Another cat, this one another stray who has a really loud voice comes in and wants to go out in the back yard with my chickens. The chickens who had begged to be let out of the chicken house, so I thought they needed a day before it rains, they are molting and just look so miserable I felt sorry for them. I have a flock of banny hens and they are about the size of a dove so said cat is always trying to catch them. I can't let her out in the back so I come in and check email thinking I am faking her out.
I go back in my room and shut the door keeping animals out. Sasha comes back in from her walk finding my door shut, starts whining at the door, all the while cat wanting out to eat chickens has her arms stretched under the door crying too. I lay down and then the dryer buzzes and I give up. The chickens are pecking at my door, because it is cloudy and they are ready for some snacks and they want to be put up so that is how it is when you have to many animals.

I really think kids are easier.

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