Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Part One

Today the girls will be here early with all of the grand babies. We will hang out and cook and eat and then after the guys get off work, we will eat some more and then we will open presents. Just the presents the kids got for each other and the ones we got for the married kids so they can spend Christmas with their families on Christmas morning. I was thinking this morning as I was planning the day, that one of the things I asked God for as a very young woman, was that my house would always be filled with laughter and it would be full of people. I think I got my wish.
Today we will have 17 here for dinner. That is just our kids, their spouses and their children and my husbands Mom and Dad.
On Christmas Eve we will have my brother and his family and that makes 20 for dinner. Christmas Day I will get to rest because it will just be 6 to 10 depending on who decides to show up.
This morning it was so easy to count blessings. My blessings are not under the tree though that is very nice, my blessings come in packages, that God gave in a answer to prayer so long ago. I am so blessed to have been given this life. Fairy Tales do really come true. :)

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