Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I was running through my mind this morning, the question, " What should I post today?" and I thought well it is Thursday and I am thankful for my warm house, then my mind took off. I believe with all of my heart, this statement. " God is in charge of everything that happens to us, and never can a single thing happen without His permission. God's permission comes through His love." One of the things, that I am more thankful for than I can ever voice is the thankfulness I feel for my husband. If not for him I would never understand God's great love for me. My husband models grace to me so much more than I deserve. He sacrifices for me every single day. Starting each morning by bringing me coffee in bed and he fixes my breakfast every single day.
He never complains. Not like I complain about cooking dinner. He goes to work and never gets to do the fun things I do every day.
I have to be very careful about telling him if something is broken, or how would this look if... because no matter how tired he is or how hard of a day he might have had, he will jump up and go fix what is broken or do what ever I have come up with to feather my nest.
So my post today is about how Thankful I am that God sent him through those doors where I was working, and really, it was love at first sight, because my first thought of him was " where is that guy that is the cutest guy I have ever seen in my life." The first words out of his mouth was " can I have your phone number, and I said yes, and I never, ever gave my phone number out. It has been 29 wonderful years and I wish for 30 more, and as he wrote in the song he sang at our wedding, " Only time will tell, how deep in love we fell, if I fall for 100 years I won't know to tell..."So I am thankful for my husband and thankful God gave me what I really didn't deserve.
Happy Thursday!!

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