Friday, December 4, 2009

All Things New

This is how the sun looked coming up this morning through the trees, it looks like a very nice December morning. The air is cold and the ground is frosty and my field of dreams looks beautiful in her winter clothes. Her trees are decked out in gold and there was even diamonds on the fence truly I have riches untold.

Some people have prayer closets, I guess you could call my field of dreams my very large prayer closet. I go there and it has heard many, many prayers, my only hope has been the neighbors behind don't see me as the nutty woman who walks out there.
God saw fit to take my Mom home last night. Today, I am so thankful there is no more pain and no more suffering. The weight is gone from my chest and this is the first morning in so long I could take a deep breath.
I understand the passage when David is on his knees begging for his sons life then the news comes that God has taken his son home and David gets up off of his knees and washes his face and eats and they ask him why when the child still lived he mourned, and he told them that he would see his son again when he went to him, very badly paraphrased I think.
Today is new morning, There is one more added to the "great cloud of witnesses," waiting for me in heaven, now I must be about this business of living.
Today is Friday, we have storms coming in this next week, we have Christmas before us and the trials are behind us and God is still faithful and joy did come in the morning. Have a lovely weekend.

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