Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

I was trying to take a picture of our Christmas Tree, I just don't take very good pictures, inside, with a flash but here it is, today I was thinking about it because it is Wednesday, and it is a baby day!! I can't wait until all of the boys and babies get to see the tree and maybe even undecorate it. All of the ornaments I have are either wooden, cloth or handmade. When you are in the middle of raising children like I was with a new baby every 2 years, it didn't make sense to have a tree that couldn't be touched. I wanted the kids to interact with stuff so that is why my house is full of things that is sturdy and not fussy. I always thought I would like magazine to come and give me helpful hints on reality "House Beautiful." When you have lots of people in your house.

When I was young, I asked my Mom once, why we didn't have all kinds of glass things every where like other people's houses and and she told me that they were dust catchers and she didn't have time for them. I said," well when I grow up I am going to have lots of dust catchers." But then babies started coming and it was more important to me for the kids to feel like they lived here instead of visiting and I wanted them to love living in their house.
So today when all of the babies come over, they can play with every thing on the tree and I am so happy to let them be babies and Gma's house.
Though I do have a few dust catchers,

Like these, this is Jack and Jill and William

And this is Toby. I love them and So I did get some.
Happy Wednesday,

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