Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Having Animals

Yesterday I had to run errands, you know grocery store, Wal Mart, all the places that seem to take a long time. It was drizzling before I left so I didn't put the dogs outside. I was thinking that the kids would be out of bed a long time before I got back. That is my thinking as I leave the house.
I go run all of the errands and since I have a fridge in the garage and my freezer in the garage, I just went through the groceries out there and put them in all of the assigned places. Now Sasha is at this stage right now that when I am gone she tears up rugs. But silly me, thought it was different rug so I took that rug and put it out in the garage bathroom and brought that one in to put in front of the fireplace. In my mind, the problem was solved.
I walk in the back door with bags of groceries and as I look across the room, I see all of this red stuff on the carpet. Now my first thought is Sasha went crazy and killed one of the cats and that is cat innards all over the carpet. You know how that panic thing hits first and then reason follows.
I walk over and see that it is just my red rug that has been killed. I had lots of errands to run yesterday, so after I get stuff put away I have to go to the feed store to get chicken feed and the library, because I am starting my New Year goal of reading all of Charles Dickens this year, so I needed to pick them up. I get back and Sasha is mining in the back yard and she has thrown dirt all of the way across the patio up to the french doors. So now I realize she is throwing fits every time I leave the house.
She is sitting at my feet as I write this being a very good dog, so I guess I will have to start really working on her training if I am ever to have a decent rug in the house.
I still really, really like animals.
It is raining and raining today. Oh happy day!!!

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Meg said...

Oh my goodness. I saw that picture and the first thing I thought was blood too. I thought maybe someone had killed Sasha. Well, given the choice between a dead rug and a dead animal, I would take the dead rug!