Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Thoughts

Here is my rooster that I gave away yesterday, heck, I would have paid for him to be taken away. Since my hatching chicks experiment from this summer, I had 4 roosters. ( This is the Dad) Having 4 roosters is a bit much, they also would start crowing at 3:00 AM and crow every hour, they crowed every time I went out the back door, they crowed every time I talked and they could hear me, but the final straw was on Sunday when I was walking out in the pasture and they crowed the entire time I was outside. I had this one guy who had a crow like a woman screaming.

It is the guy in the background looking at the camera. I called a Feed Store I have taken my other roosters too and they said they would take them so I caught them and put them in a box and took them for a car ride. The girl that worked there had a nice cage all ready for them and left them sitting on the counter, I guess for a quick sale. I had a few misgivings as I left, but the lure of sleep was greater than feeling bad about someones chicken soup.
I came home and shuffled chickens around in the coops and all of my hens acted like the were breathing sighs of relief. I cleaned the houses and no one was fighting or acting pompous and best of all no little rooster was flogging me every time I turned my back.

Even the Three Witches of East Wick were happy, and they are never happy. I still have 24 chickens so that is still a good number of eggs each day. Though, I did get my first seed catalog in the mail which means I am dreaming of gardens for the spring, which means I am starting to think of chicks too. I think I would like some more laying hens. Not hatched from my own chickens, but purchased so I can fool with them. I find I have this problem with worship and when you buy chicks they really like me. My hens that I bought that way, still like to come and visit and I like that so much.
I warned you this was random thoughts.
Have a good Tuesday.


Meg said...

Now I understand why you like having chickens so much... You have a God complex and like being worshiped! Haha!

Kessie said...

Only December and you're already thinking about spring? Bleh! I haven't even got used to it being cold yet!

If you do get chicks again, I'm sure the babies would love them. Remember how Alex would sit and watch them all the time? :-) I'm glad you got rid of the little roosters. Now the hens can be out in the yard without anything attacking Alex.

Farm Girl said...

yep, it is the whole God complex thing. That was a big factor, I was afraid for boys to be in the yard with all of those roosters. :)