Sunday, December 13, 2009

Putting the Field of Dreams to Bed

Today with the storm coming in we thought it was time to put the Field of Dreams to bed for the winter. The ground was moist and one of the things we both love is the smell of freshly turned dirt. I really don't think there is a finer perfume. We moved out here because we loved our dirt and for growing things there is none finer, except in England of course, or the Willamette Valley in Oregon. The dirt here is sandy so it grows everything. It was a perfect day to work out there all the while thinking of the plans for next year.

This is how it looked when my husband was all finished plowing. I loved how it looked with the trees glowing in the background against the cloudy sky. I always think when I am out there dreaming that gardening is a holy vocation. I mean when you think about it and after God made the world and all that is in it, and it was good. He formed man out of dirt of the ground. He put Adam in the garden. So I always think it is interesting that God put Adam in a garden to tend it, not in church or a building, but a garden where God walked and talked with Adam in the cool of the evening. So I am really big on gardens. I am so glad that this is what my husband loves and together we get to tend the garden.

I wanted to show you the picture of the path with the trees and the newly plowed dirt. I love all of the contrasts in the picture. It was a good day,


Kessie said...

I wish I could go out and run barefoot through the dirt! Except there's goatheads. That's not so nice.

For some reason I just love pictures of cloudy days. I love the neutral lighting. Maybe one day we can have a garden like yours. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Yeah, that is why it is called a field of dreams, it takes a while to get there, but then any patch of dirt can be a field of dreams.