Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunsets in the Fog

The one thing about fog is that it does allow for glorious sunsets. One of my prayers I prayed for 20 years, was that God would give me a place to live where I could see the sun rise and the sun set. The first year we moved here, I was astounded at how many I missed. When we lived in our old house, the kids had a sky fort in the back yard, that in desperation sometimes, I would climb to the top just to see the sunrise. Now I just look out my windows. I guess that is why I seem to take so many pictures of sunsets and sunrises, they still amaze me.
We have a week until Christmas day, today I have to sit and plan a menu for next week. Being sick to death of food and eating already, it is going to be really hard. I find all my mind wants to think about is steak and steak and more steak. I guess I am craving red meat. I am not a big red meat eater so that is weird. I am also dreaming of lots and lots of salad. Oh and I have been having thoughts of fasting. None of this works when you are going to be feeding people, they want other things that the weird things I want to eat.
So today, I have to sit and write a grocery list. So it is going to be a tough job for someone who things food sounds pretty disgusting right now. I always get this way and it takes me until February to decide food and I are friends, and then it is Katy-bar-the-door.
So off I go to do this task.
Have a great Saturday!

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Meg said...

After yesterday I'm totally done with food too. Nothing but salad sounds good to me! :)