May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Days

There is just something about fruit on a tree that I just love looking
at and I love watching it get ripe. I have really been enjoying
the sun not setting here until a little after nine each night.
I love that the sun is up about 5:30, it makes me remember
those days long past of staying up and playing hide and go seek
until finally the Mom's would yell for us to come inside because it was
We would swim all day and then play as long outside as we could.
When I got older it was swimming, riding horses and playing tennis.

We have had so many young adults here this last week.
They have been playing Skipbo and Uno. The matches have
gotten pretty exciting. They are swimming in the day and
it has been busy.
My computer has been giving me fits. In fact it has taken me
so long to write this post and when I try to visit you, my computer
keeps saying that the connection has timed out.

I just wanted you to know that in case, something happens and
I can't get around to visit you.
It is just a heads up, just in case.

I didn't want you to think I was on vacation. :)
Doing this.

Have a lovely Father's Day!


  1. ha ha! enjoy all the fathers in your life! God bless your hubby and your sons and sons-in-law... :)

  2. I remember summers pretty much the same way. Swimming all day, and playing LONG after it had gotten dark. Hide & seek....soo fun....Haven't played uno in a that game. Don't computers drive you wild sometimes? Mine sure does, lol. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow with your kids and grands. HUGS

  3. you are a busy girl!!! when i was "little" we had to go home when the street lights came on. i have such fond memories of street kickball games and bare feet!!!

    i want a plum...i really want a plum!!

  4. Kim, I remember those days too when we could stay out till dark and we got the call to come inside. We swam in the brook and played Ally Hoop which was throwing a ball over the roof top so the kids could catch it on the other side and the it was our turn.

    We would pick wild berries in the field and just fill our tummies. Being a kid was a lot of fun because it was safe we had a lot of freedom and not much worries except when I would hear a plane occasionally and would hide because I thought that it might be an enemy airplane that would drop a bomb because they didn't know that the war was over. lol...

    I love that plum tree and would like to come over to try a tree ripen one . I bet that they taste way better than what we get in the store.

    Sorry about your computer giving you pain. Hugs, JB

  5. I thought we hadn't heard from because your grandkids stayed and tired you out. Lol I hope your tech issue get sorted. It is so frustrating.

  6. Enjoy the time. Shut down that computer and have a fun time with all the people.

    We'll be here when you get back.

  7. Summer really does pull us back to when we were kids, doesn't it! It still has that magical appeal!
    The plums look yummy!
    Hope your computer stops being ornery.

  8. I have fond memories of summer days when I was a kid too. Now, I seek out the comfort of air conditioning. LOL

  9. Too bad you're not on vacation doing that! Sounds like fun at your place. Those plums, combined with a few handfuls of cherries, would make one super crisp that just begs for a scoop of ice cream!

  10. Vacation is a good thing; it's okay to be on vacation -smile-.


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