May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Days

I hope that the days of June where ever you are just
beautiful. We had a bit of rain last night. The breeze is blowing
enough to cause the wind chimes to make the day seem, drowsy
and time to take a nap.

I finally took the time to make jam. I made strawberry and

It was only two batches and I forgot just how much I enjoy
making jam. My other favorite part is putting it on the pantry

I didn't open any today. My favorite thing to do is to make
home made bread or yeast rolls on the day I make jam and
we eat hot rolls and butter and new jam.
We had to go to my son's piano recital. So I didn't have time
to make bread.
After we got home from the recital and we BBQed hamburgers
we started playing Skipbo, it is a card game and we played 3 games
with teams and laughed and laughed. We stayed up late
with the kids so it was a really good day.

Summer is such a nice change of pace.
I hope you are having a lovely day too.



  1. Oooh! Oooh! We'll have to swap jam! I totally forgot to go to the farmer's market yesterday, so no jam from me this week. It sure is a pretty color!

  2. Yum Yum that looks good! My hubby always eats one sandwich with strawberry jam each day!!!!


  3. I can't wait to make jam!
    Summer is such a great season..busy, but wonderful :)

  4. Oh haven't made jelly or jam this year yet! I haven't done strawberry with rhubarb, but I have baked strawberry rhubarb pie.
    Yours looks great...enjoy, enjoy

  5. The jam looks so good,and loved reading of your day! beautiful photos.

  6. I have never made jam. Yours looks so good, I am imagining it on a warm biscuit! Is your jam thick or a little runny? (I like it a little runny).

  7. Your jam looks so good. I used to make many batches of strawberry jams and would give a lot away. I just couldn't bear to see them go to waste. Have a great week Kim. JB

  8. Hubby just brought home a case a strawberries from the farmers'market. We are already making jam. Tomorrow is chicken processing day. Yuk! My week is so busy that my head spins when I think about it! I hope you have a good week. I'll think of your wind chimes when I want to slow down a bit and take a deep breath!

  9. Glad you had a nice day. SkipBo is a favorite with our family, too! Jam looks it is yummy, too! :-)

  10. Lovely looking jam... I just found your blog am now a follower..enjoy your jam...

  11. sounds like some good ole' fashion fun!!

    great photo's!!!!

  12. I don't know which thing I loved here more. Homemade jam, YUM!!! And homemade bread with jam, even a bigger YUM!! And a piano recital! FUN!! And card games with the kids...FUN! On the wonderful days of summer! ENJOY! Have a good week...HUGS


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