May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Making Stuff

One of the things I have wanted to make since I started blogging
was one of these. It is a tool box. One of the web sites that I have
loved since I first found the blogging world has been Funky Junk
Interiors. She loves old wood more than I do, except she really knows
how to make things.
She has directions to make tool boxes and you can find it
I have stared at the directions and Thursday I decided that I had not
fooled with wood in a while so I took some of my old signs that I had hanging
on my shed, and I cut them up.
Let's say that my saw is okay for shapes you hang on the wall but it doesn't
work if you want to put it together so it looks good. When my husband got
home I asked him to come look, I had totally forgot about making a bottom.
I brought him in and he looked at the directions and he said, it would be a piece
of cake.

On Saturday he cut it out on his saw and then he put it together and this is
how it looks on my old table. I love it so much. I know I need to paint it, but
I love how all the wood looks like it is old and put together because someone
needed a tool chest. So I am torn. I am thinking I will get some more boards
and have him make me some more and then maybe paint those and
beat them up some more and then they might look like antiques.

You can still see the words I put on them years and years ago.
The signs said, " Because Nice Matters." and the other one
says, "Amazing Grace." Because that is how I try to live.
I needed a reminder and I am still amazed at grace.

I have some other wood things out on the work bench but
I didn't have time to get to those this weekend, so maybe this
week I will have time. I really do enjoy old wood.

I just thought I would share these.
I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. I like it...Hubby did a great job! Looks cute with your flowers in it. I packed up/cleared out the big computer desk today. We are going to replace it with a smaller one. Couldn't believe some of the stuff I found! :-) Things can sure get crammed and covered up! Our office is closed tomorrow, so I will have another day to organize and pack...a closet, I think. Can't wait! haha!

  2. I just love that toolbox! Don't paint over the old words, it makes it look really antique!

  3. WOW...that looks great! I am amazed at the things you tackle. Love you!

  4. oh no! don't paint it!!! it's perfect as is!!!

  5. and so beautiful is your header photo!!! just stunning, kim!!!

  6. Wonderful as is. Don't paint!! I have two that were planted for my daughter's wedding last year. This year they are growing radishes!

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. And I'm glad you DID share- ADORABLE:))

  8. Wonderful tool box! I wouldn't paint it--it's perfect with the words. It looks great with the jar of flowers.

  9. Fantastic! Looks beautiful as is and I love it!

  10. l love the rustic feel and would not paint it either. the words add an element of interest and will inspire storytelling at table gatherings!!

    looks perfect, just the way it is!!!!

  11. oooohhhh and i LOVE the new header picture!!!!!

  12. I agree, no paint! It's cute just the way it is.

  13. I'd leave it the way it is -- simple with the woodgrains and words an all -- now I'd like to hve one -- hugs

  14. Nice tool box. I enlarged the picture to get a closer look and see that the words Amazing and Because are upside down. I supposed that with the thought of painting it it wouldn't have matter. If I was you , because I know that you don't like pink, I would paint it in an antique color and then add some distress to it. I visit Yesterday Once More blog and Dan has such nice old things so well displayed in his house. Hugs. JB

  15. WOW - those are so cool. You are just so smart. You could sell a bunch of them in a heart beat. You amaze me. I never know what you will create next.

  16. Love the tool box...way to go..are you back out side with the saw? You always inspire and have wonderful projects.


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