May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just some musings

Today, was my library day. I like to drive different ways
to the library just for a change of scenery. I have some new music
to listen to and I wasn't in a hurry so I took the long way.

Near where we used to live is a park. As I was driving by the park
I was reminded of a daily scene of life that I had the privileged of watching.
Every after noon in the park would be this man and his wife. When I first noticed
them she had had a bad stroke and she used a walker, while her husband walked
beside her in tiny half steps. She would struggle and he was always by her side.
Sometimes I would just cry and pray that God would help her. Then the day
came when she just used the cane and she could make it almost all around the park.
I cheered to myself as she walked a tiny bit better.
Then the day came as she held onto her husband's arm, like a young couple on a date.
They would walk and he would lean his head down to her as she would look up at
him and they would walk on the side walk just them.

I felt like was invading something holy so I would look away and smile as I was so happy
for them.
Then I didn't see them for awhile, but then the day came and she was back to the walker
walking even slower than before and her husband walking beside her taking his careful
half steps as they could only walk just a little ways down the sidewalk.
I cried that day, oh how I cried as I drove on my way, and I admit I did ask God why.

One day I was driving home from someplace and I could see in the distance that I was
going to be driving into a cloud burst. As I got close to the park I could see the lady with
her walker and her husband in the deluge. I pulled into the park and got out of my car and ran
to them. As I got to her and rain was streaming down their faces and down mine too,
" I said, I have my car can I take you someplace?" She looked at me with the most radiant
smile and said, " Oh, no, I love the rain. " I looked up at her dear husband who smiled and
said, " we have always enjoyed walking in the rain."

I said okay and once again I cried at the beauty that was there, at the love that they had
and I felt I was standing on hallowed ground. I watched them walk in the rain. As I got
ready to pull out of the park, I noticed other cars and other people running to those
wonderful people and I saw them smile the way they smiled at me and I smiled to know
that the daily drama in the park was being noticed by others.

Today when I drove by the park, I looked for them and I remembered how they had blessed
my life, how they without knowing showed me courage and tender love. They showed me
what commitment looks like and above all they showed me that in the midst of a trial
that God is real.

I got to the library and did what I always did and as I got up to the check out counter
the wonderful lady behind the desk got a phone call. As I stood and waited and she mouthed
she was sorry, I could tell something was wrong. She got off the phone to say her Dad had
just had a stroke. I told her I would pray for her and I have been all afternoon.
But it reminds me that around us daily there are daily dramas that if we let them
will change our lives, if we pay attention.

I was just thinking all this and I just wanted to share it with you today.

Thanks for reading,


  1. oh that was beautiful and extremely touching. eyes welled with tears...

  2. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear...yours were open to the mystery. A blessing and gift from God to you; embrace the holy.

  3. such a beautiful i have lived.

    i have multiple sclerosis...i have been in a wheelchair, walked with a walker, a cane and just the support of the hubs!!! ms is remitting/relasping so often i can walk unassisted...really makes you appreciate the little things, like being able to walk in the rain!!!

  4. Oh Kim, you made me cry. What a sweet story of love, faithfulness, and commitment. And what a beautiful testimony of the Holy Spirit working in you that you could see and recognize and be touched in such a deep and special way. You really are in tune with Him! Thank you for sharing this today. :-)

  5. After reading the comments I readily agree with Miss Debbie. God works through you and in turn through your words so that I might see every day things in a new light. You are very special Kim.

  6. Was it H? Oh that's so sad. I hope her dad is OK. It is weird seeing things like. I love to watch older couples and see that there are people who can stand up to everything and the love lasts through it all. And other people can change our lives in the oddest ways.

  7. My brother inlaw is having surgery today because of cancer -- life is shot and we just never know what's around the corner - but with sweet words from someone that said they will pray for you is a wonderful gift..

    I miss going to the library - can you believe this they don't have one here but if they did I would not beable to read any book because of the Spanish -- other thing I am missing!

  8. ohhhh Kim. What a wonderful reminder for us to not only take nothing for granted, but to be aware of the workings of our Father around us. I think you were truly blessed to have been a part of that. To be open to receiving what you were being shown.

  9. Oh, what a beautiful, touching post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this.

    Dianne (my blog)

  10. So, so touching. I have tears (nothing new there!), but they are 'good' tears. What a blessing lifelong love is...

  11. What a beautiful post! Such warm thoughts to share with us!

  12. I am so blessed. I love your heart Kim. When I was just a few years old in the Lord my husband and I stopped at the bank. Larry ran in and I waited in the car. While I was waiting an older couple walked by me and into the bank. Nothing peculiar. Tears began to well up and then quietly run down my cheeks. I didn't even wonder why. It was an experience I had never had before. I wasn't trained in discerning the 'voice' of God but He impressed a message on my soul that day and it changed my heart forever. He 'said', "If all were known, all would be understood". I remind myself (and my children) everyday as we experience people that might be frustrating or scary or sad...

    Your observation and obvious tenderness toward this situation just brought this to mind.

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. Kim, you always touch my heart in so many different ways,I don't believe I have ever met anyone who is so compassionate and caring. You are not only a blessing to your family but to me and I know so many others here in blogland.
    What a great example of Agape love, this couple has for each other, and I am always amazed at how God places us at the right place and time, you may never know what those words of comfort meant to the librarian, but God does, and He knows who to place and where.
    What an inspiration you are to me.

  14. BestSonInLawEVER told his mom that the first thing he loved about Breezy was the fact that she loved to play in the rain. I hope that, when they get older like the couple you saw, they continue to dance in the rain together!

  15. What a caring lady you are! This is such a sweet and tender story. It is so good to listen to God when he impresses on our heart to pray for someone we see in need. God blesses us with sights, sounds, and people everyday if we would just look and listen for those moments. :) Beautiful!

    p.s. I have not seen the Abbey series. I am sure we would love it though. We don't have cable, do they have the series on DVD? :)

  16. That is such a beautiful story Kim. What a wonderful example of love, determination and support.


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