May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to November

Today is November, just like this road I wonder
where our paths will lead us? This is my path though
that I walk on every morning and afternoon.
Since we moved here my husband has kept it plowed
and perfect so I can walk every day.

I have almost a pathological fear of walking out around
traffic. When we first moved here I started walking
in the back because the kids were so much younger
and they knew where to find me. Now it is
the place where I go for solitude, I walk and pray,
I even hide myself in the trees sometime and it
is the place I can pour our my heart and cry if I
have too.

From standing out here in my field of dreams, I can
lift my eyes unto the hills. From where comes my help?
My help come from the Lord.
As Ruth Graham wrote, "Clouds are the dust of
His feet and watching the evening sky I chuckled
to think, " How neat, God just passed by."

When I am in the Field of Dream, the sky is
bigger and the clouds roll from the Pacific
to the Atlantic. Just think, maybe the clouds
I see come visit all of you on the East Coast. :)

I think today that November is so good as last
year was so bad. Last year at this time all that
was before me was so dark and scary and I could only
live one day at a time. I knew God was leading me
towards a path I did not want to go. I knew that
the things I was afraid of happening just might be
worse that I thought it was. Last November I knew that
I was going to be passing through the fires, and that
I was going to go in the floods, but I knew that they
would not over flow me. I knew that God would not
move and many days I just clung onto His hand.

Now I am here today on this Lovely November 1st.
I have a beautiful pink sunrise to look at, lovely leaves
that are turning red. God as always is far greater than
I ever dreamed. He has always filled my life with surprises,
and I am so very thankful today on this November to stand
here and say, Great is His Faithfulness, Lord, unto Me.

Last year I was a very reluctant blogger. Scared to death
blogger if I tell the truth. This year, I have made so many lovely
friends who have changed my life. I am alive again and I am creative
again which is always a big plus. My dreams have all become possibilities.

Since I always think of November as my thankful month, Day one will be
that God led me to start blogging, and little did I know how He would
use it to change my life for good.

So I wish all of you who visit here a Lovely November 1st and
thank you so much for coming on this journey to see what
God will bring out of my field of dreams.
Have a lovely Monday.

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. Wonderful post, full of hope and faith (and reward!) God bless!

  2. i would love to hear more about what happened last
    november (maybe in an email). of all the bloggers i
    follow, yours reads the most like a real journal and
    moves my heart each day.

    this friendship is a true treasure and who would
    ever have thought? God is so good.


  3. Happy November 1st! This is truly the thankful month. Maybe Thanksgiving has made me feel like that, or maybe the anticipation of celebrating a Savior. It helps that I love the colors, breezes and even the month names in fall. I look forward to Thanksgiving, even if I feel like I'm flipping calendar pages faster than I thought was possible. Wasn't I just 30? Isn't it just September? My kids are getting big. How'd that happen? Still, all of those things have good in them. They're going at "warp speed', as they used to say in Star Trek! On this thankful month, I'm thankful that we have become friends!
    Mailed your tiny box this morning!

  4. It's always nice to have a place to go for solitude, isn't it? I have a place like that where I live. So glad you mentioned Ruth Bell Graham. I adored her and wish she were still alive. What a wonderful, smart, classy lady with such a cheerful happy spirit and positive outlook on life. If only I could be HALF the woman she was. To me, she was the embodiment of a Godly woman. I wish you a lovely November as well Kim.
    By the way, check your e-mail later today.

  5. Novemeber 1st! Almost time for the time change...which I really don't like.


  6. Kim, as always I can see you sitting there in your field of dreams, looking up to the sky and praying and crying and living. I always see exactly what you write because you are so good at it. I am so thankful you are a blogger because you encouraged me early on in my blog. I was scared to death too and you made me feel so warm and welcome. I can't thank you enough. I feel I have been blessed with a friend I never expected to have through you and blogging has done that for me over and over. It has been a real blessing. I don't know what happened last November but I am so glad this November is on a better path :)

  7. So much of this could be my own has been that type of year for me also, and also the same on blogging. I also feel I am coming out of my "grave" clothes and creating again.
    Thanks for sharing...just beautiful. I am so glad God has done a work in your life this year and you have shared it through your blog.
    Blessings and congratulations on one year...I think I am there also, I just didn't think about when I started!
    Great post!! So heart felt!

  8. You're right, this is a much better November than last year, for everybody. I know I have slightly more hope now than I did last year.

  9. Hi Kim,
    I bumped into your blog in another blogger's bloglist. (Say that ten times fast, haha.) Your bio made me smile. I grew up in a household of six kids - four brothers and a sister.

    I love the cozy feel of your blog. Happy November!

  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this post. We all have our crosses to bear but we are so blessed that we have Jesus to help us lighten our burdens. I hope that this November will bring you renewed hope and creativity. Love your blog. JB

  11. Hello...I am visiting your blog for the first time and I am so glad I stopped by. I too had a LONG, HARD, year and know just how you are feeling. But I have found through all the trials that the Lord is sooo very faithful and His grace and peace are more than sufficient. How grateful I am. Blessings to you, Debbie

  12. Oh Kim such a wonderful thought provoking post. When I feel blue I take my little milk stool and place it in the chicken yard. All my lovely ladies surround me and just offer me such joy.I hope the beautiful puffy clouds which floated over Dog Trot this afternoon found their way to your Field Of Dreams.

  13. There is nothing more powerful than being out in nature. Just anywhere you rest your eyes, reveals a plant, animal, or rocks, river, etc that is a reminder of the miracles of creation.

    November is one of my favorite months too. :)


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