June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe today is the last day of October.
Today was so beautiful that it was hard to stay
inside. Just a lovely puffy cloud day.
When we were young there used to be these
Medieval fairs down at Central Park. But they stopped
and they haven't held one for twenty years. I had
mentioned it one night at the dinner table just
thinking it would be me and my husband going and
all 4 of the kids said they wanted to go so today
we spent the afternoon down down in our central

Of course, I found someone to talk to and she was
telling me about the wind blowing down her booth
and having to rebuild it this morning. She was excited
to be back and she hopes that next year it will be much
bigger. I even had the thought of growing gourds and
pumpkins and selling some. I thought it would be fun
and I would like one of those costumes and a excuse
to go out in public.

We went to a wood carvers booth and this was on a pole.
The boys thought it was really cool so they took the picture.
I really enjoy wood carvings. If me and sharp instruments
got along better I might try to carve wood. My hands look
so bad now just because I have been using a saw and have
really banged them up bad this week, I hate to think what
I might do with wood carving knives.

This is a picture looking down the sidewalk to all of
the booths, I didn't know my son got a picture of me
throwing away trash. The side walk looks pretty.

Later I talked them into going with me to the library
and after that I told them about the world that sits
in front of the train station. We walked over and the boys
and my husband decided to change the world. They made
it go backwards, and then they made Australia go to the top
of the world, then they couldn't stand it so they put it back
the way it is supposed to be then my other son changed it again.
It is such a huge piece of granite. They pushed and pushed but
couldn't make it bounce away like they wanted.

We then went into the train station and looked at train
schedules, we didn't feel like going to Lodi, or Fresno or
any of the other odd places the train goes to in a day.

It was just a nice day to be outside exploring town. I tried to
talk them into visiting Antique stores but no one wanted to do
that except me. I was over ruled not enough votes in my corner.
I got some more pictures but blogger is being fussy today.
I will just stop for now.
I hope you have a wonderful Halloween evening. My husband
when I would take the kids with their cousins out Trick or Treating
got into the habit of watching Princess Bride each Halloween.
Now the kids don't do that so we sit and watch Princess Bride
I don't even watch it that much and I can repeat the lines.
So we will be doing our family tradition tonight.
Happy Halloween!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. I LOVE the Princess Bride! In fact, I named one of my hens after a character in the movie; "Princess Buttercup." I usually just call her Buttercup for short. Enjoy the movie tonight ahd Happy Halloween to you 2 :-)

  2. My girls and I love the Princess Bride. They've seen it so many times that they say the words with the characters. Three of the girls and I watched The Importance of Being Earnest with Colin*sigh* Firth and Reese Witherspoon. It's funny.

    I really like that wood carving! I'd like to have a few of those wood carved guys here on the farm. A couple of BIG wooden farmers to keep hubby company. Oh, I know- how about a BIG carved horse.

    Happy Halloween! I have wooden candy corns on my front window ledge (inside), two cute towels in my kitchen, and a gourd on my table!

  3. Your Central Park looks like a great place. Next year I want to see photos of you in your medieval booth. You would look sweet in a fancy old dress!
    The good thing about me being sick this weekend is that I won't be eating all the candy! See, there is a silver lining!

  4. Oh Kim, I just love your family and the fun you have. I think you would make a great medieval maiden and the gourds would be a hit! Can't wait to see more photos and the Princess Bride--I love those kind of traditions. It warms my heart :)

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful day. We have a Scarborough Fair down here...I posted on it awhile back...we enjoyed and so much fun.
    Have a great day! Oh, love the moving the world..so like my boys!

  6. Glad you stay away from the wood carving tools! Sounds like a good idea for your health! :)

    I LOVE the big world granite/marble orb thing. And I love that your hubby and sons had to mess with it. If I hear the news tonight and it says the world was upside down, I'll know why!

  7. Kim, this medieval fair sounds like a great idea. I'm looking at those open air booths and it gives me the shiver. We are having our first snowflakes of the season today. There were just a few but it's cold and damp.

    Wow, that big earth marble looks fascinating and boys will be boy. I get a chuckle about them turning the earth off it's axle.

    What an interesting carving. Our carving neighbor died a few years ago and did mostly realistic carvings but I really like this carving , so cool...

    Happy Halloween, JB

  8. Happy Halloween! We're all much better today. I blame the prodigious quantities of mint tea I drank yesterday. That fair looks like tons of fun! I had no idea there was anything like that in Bakersfield. Looks like you guys sampled the snacks, too.

    Good idea not wanting to try wood carving. I tried it, and the guy beside me ran a blade into his finger, and it kind of put me off wood carving thereafter.

  9. My brother was talking about the Med faire the other day and asked if we wanted to go. I said "meh" because I didn't think it would be as good as the one in San Luis Obispo... Looks like it was fun though!

    I would have gone antique shopping with you...

  10. Kim, what a wonderful day, I bet you would do well with growing and selling the gourds and pumpkins. I have already decided I want to grow some unusual ones next year. The picture of you talking reminds me of how I do when we go to events like this,I always find very interesting people and I do ask a lot of questions. The amazing thing is,... they are always so gracious.
    Much love,

  11. Happy Halloween Kim, I guess I am the only one on the planet who has not seen the movie Princess Bride, yes I'll put it on my movie queue. ET was our Halloween movie of choice. And yes I would have gone antiquing with you, never say never!

  12. Kim, I'm sure you could join in on the Meet Me on Monday. There are some really nice people there. Click the button and check to see if the link is still open so you don't go to the work for nothing. I just copy and pasted the questions. Some people add pictures that go with the questions, but that would take me another hour, so I usually don't bother. There is another great meme for Monday on my sidebar- Miscellany Monday. She is a Christian and so are most of the people who visited me from there. Have a good week! I'm mailing giveaway when I take littlest to piano this morning :)

  13. It looks like your had a wonderful family, fun-filled Halloween!


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