June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Chicken Post

It has been awhile since I talked about my favorite
group of girls. I have been very proud of my girls.
I give each of my married daughters two 18 packs of eggs
each week plus all the eggs I can use. The hens are such
good layers. Not to mention just being special.

They have one flaw just so you know they aren't completely
perfect. I have one White Silkie hen. I love my silkie.
She is so tiny but she would love to be a mother again,
so she is broody, more than she is not. When she does
have chicks she is the best mother. But, the girls,
hate and I mean hate the white silkie. They pull
out her feathers and would kill her I think if they
ever cornered her. That is the only thing that I am
not happy about with them.

I have a chicken story. Today my sister called.
I didn't look at the clock as I had been busy all day,
and when my sister and I get on the phone, I just forget
about what I was doing. She called to tell me about her
hen hatching 8 chicks. A dog across the street had killed
her rooster and how a black snake got in her nest box
and ate 3 wooden eggs she had put in there for the hens.
She put the hen with the new chicks in a dog carrier and
was hoping they would be okay until they got the chicken house
safe from snakes, raccoons and skunks. We were laughing and
laughing about so much and I looked up and I hadn't started
dinner and my laundry wasn't finished and my sewing machine
was still out and my chickens were running all over the yard.

My husband was going to be pulling in and I still had a huge
mess on the table because I had been painting. So I said,
I had to go and started to run around trying to get caught up.

I got the water on to boil so I could cook spaghetti for dinner.
I got the laundry finished and put away so I went out to put up
my chickens.
I went to get their food and came back in and as I walked by a dust
bath whole I looked down and I saw a egg buried in the dirt. ( I wasn't wearing
glasses) I fed the chickens and then went to collect eggs. My new hens,
don't like to lay eggs in the nest boxes and sometimes they just lay
eggs wherever they are.

I went to turn off the water and put my buckets up and I always forget
to bring a basket so I just put the eggs in my shirt. You know how you can
make a bag with the end of your shirt?

So as I walked by the chicken pen I remembered that egg in the dust bath
hole. I went inside and as I bent over and looked at it, I saw that it was
shaped kind of funny. I leaned over and touched it with my finger and it
sort of looked like a guinea egg and my thought was, " Oh a hen must
be going to stop laying. As I looked closer this is what I saw,

I turned it with my finger and I saw writing. My egg
was a golf ball. I have them in my nesting boxes to
try and make the girls lay in the nest boxes and one
got out in the yard.

I thought gee whiz I am going to have to wear my glasses all
of the time. I threw it and the dog chased it.

That is what happens when I start talking to my sister, I just
loose all track of time. I laughed at her stories and she is a
CPA turned farmer. She has been a gal who has traveled all over
the world and has run her own business and to
have her call and tell me chicken stories just makes it even funnier.
I am so thankful to have a sister. Now that she has chickens and guineas
and a farm to run it is just so nice.
Have a lovely Tuesday!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. the funniest part is that snake eating 3 wooden eggs!!! serves him right!! haha!

  2. How funny Kim! Your golf ball is like my light bulb. I am blind without my glasses, I would pick up anything :) LOl
    Sisters are the best---I have one too and I am so thankful for her :)

  3. I hate how chickens can be so mean to each other. If you ever figure out how to stop let me know.


  4. what a great hen, sister, snake, egg, daughter, golf ball,
    and glasses story! it always makes me smile when i
    visit here. sort of like "i love lucy" crossed with "green

    hee hee!

  5. Haha, that's funny. I always enjoy chicken stories. I wonder if the snake needed glasses, too? :)

  6. Hahaha. I bet that snake has a serious case of indigestion! I love your chicken stories.

  7. A farmgirl's day is never dull. What type of snake can swallow three wooden eggs? My cousin Eve is like a sister to me, unfortunately she resides in Alabama and I in Maine. We have had those "types" of phone conversations when we suddenly realize the day is half over. We start running around like chickens with our heads cut off (sorry girls) to get things accomplished before our husbands get home from work.Kim I do love your chicken stories and If I could choose a sister I would pick you!

  8. What a funny story, especially about thinking the golf ball was an egg :) I'm needing to wear my reading glasses more and more as I work in the kitchen, so I don't accidentally put in 2 1/2 t. of baking soda when it's meant to be 2 1/4. Since when did the writing on recipes get so small?!

  9. Isn't having a sister, such a treat. We have the best laughs too(my sis and I) and so many old stories and jokes between us. The story about the golf ball got me giggling, cause without my glasses, things nearby could be just about anything. Don't need glasses for driving, cause of being far sighted, but believe me, I could relate! Another wonderful blog post!

  10. I love this story! Just last week I went up and visited my mother and sister nad had a truly fun time. They are about a 3 hour drive from me.

    We keep a golf ball in our egg boxes, too. The hens all know it's not an egg and they always throw it out of the boxes! And the snake who ate 3 wooden eggs, ha! That shows him, for trying to eat your eggs! I wonder if they'll pass right thru him?

    We used to have a young Polish rooster with a fluffy head. Since he was the only one who was different, everyone picked on him and it made him so very hyper. We had to sell him because I thought he deserved a better life. Now he's the only roo with a flock of Polish hens. And I'm sure he's happier! Thanks for the smile!


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