June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Day At Our House

This is one of my grandsons showing gama how he can
swing on the rope. He was very proud of himself.

This is his twin brother showing me how he can
climb the pole. I am not very good at taking pictures
of people. I had the cutest pictures of their little smiling
faces and by the time I snapped it their faces were turned.

This is our youngest grandson sitting in the wheel barrow
on the front porch. I ran in to get my camera when he and
our grand daughter were in it together but she had jumped
out by the time I got back.

Here she is with a bag of chips she found. I don't know
where she kept finding them but she would carry them
around feeding the dog and maybe her self as she talked
in her little baby language.

This is Paqua or Papa depending on which baby is talking
to him. Gosh how I love that man! Nothing makes me
happier than seeing him love his grand children. So glad
he wanted to marry me. I am so glad that when I met
him at 17, I thought he was the best looking thing I ever saw
and I love him more now, with chrome on the hood.
He just gets sexier with age.

This is our oldest grandson. By three days. He is
learning to climb trees. We have always had a rule in our
family. We wouldn't help them up, they have to do it all by
themselves. Because by the time they learn to climb a tree
all by themselves, they can keep from falling out. I heard
Papa telling the boys that today. I had forgot that rule.
Climbing trees when they are big enough to do it all by
them selves they are big enough to be in them.

Sorry this isn't a better picture, I was standing out
the door, I couldn't get everyone in the picture because
what you can't see was I had babies at my feet trying to
escape out the door and I was trying not to let flies in
and trying to take a picture. They were very kind
putting up with me taking a blog picture. They put
up with a lot from me and are so patient.
I hope you have a lovely Monday!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. How funny, I shared pics of my special boys today too. Your family is beautiful and it looks like a wonderful family weekend. Happy times :)

  2. Haha I love the look on E's face. Also "chrome on the hood" is hilarious! Dad is the best FIL I could ever ask for and I hope we get a billion more birthdays with him. Good pics of the kiddos. Thank you again for dinner, it was most delicious! :)

  3. Great family pics. But I have to ask......Is that a stripper pole on your lawn??? LOL (sorry I couldn't resist)

  4. Wow, I never thought about that Kim, No it used to be a sprinkler pipe from the days before PVC plastic pipe. My kids when they were small and we would come out here to visit my grandparents, found it in my grandfathers stuff and made it into a fireman's man's pole. :) That is a idea if I ever wanted to scare the neighbors away. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your family pictures, Kim What a lovely family you have. Now there's something to be thankful about. Kim's question about the stripper pole had me laughing out loud. JB

  6. How totally precious!!! Well it looks like you enjoyed your olive trees around your table. I also enjoy seeing others who met their husbands at a young age, for me (age 15), didn't date then...just friends....it seems so much harder for my kids these days, everyone moves so much.
    The tree climbing is just the best and the swing rope....what a true blessing!!!!!!

  7. Kim, your family is great. It is so wonderful to see a family gathered around the table to share a meal and spend time together.

    When I read your comments on my blog today I just sat here saying "me too, me too" I think our dieting ways are very similiar.

  8. Hi Kim,
    Your grandchildren are just the CUTEST!! Looks like you had a great day with the family, too.

  9. What a wonderful looking bunch and those grandkids are just soooo cute!


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