June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I was thinking today about my servants.
Yes, I have servants. On Mondays my servants
work from sun up to sun down. I bet you have you
servants too.
My first servants are my hard working hens. They
laid these eggs before the sun was up. I went out
to let them out of the pens and have a day out
in the yard and I already had four eggs. Eggs are
a little to me like finding gold. I love collecting eggs.

My next hard-working, never tiring servant, one
that I never ever stop to think how much work it does
day in and day out is my washer and dryer.

They have to be my favorite appliances. One of my favorite stories
of the pilgrims is after they had been on the Mayflower and they finally
sighted land, the first people to land, yes I know the history books say,
it was the 16 men who found the cashe of Indian corn and a pot, but
the part they left out was the first people on shore in that new land was
the woman, and they washed clothes first. That just cracked me up the
first time I read that. More than finding a place to live, the most important
thing was to have clean clothes to wear. That is how important doing laundry is
well, to me.
My next favorite sevant is of course my dishwasher.

I didn't have one for the first 12 years we were married,
so I know I can live without one. I don't mind doing dishes
by hand in fact that is one of the things I like about camping
is heating water and then doing dishes. But after a day like
yesterday and the amount of dishes I did, I am very happy
for this servant.

Does it seem funny to call them servants? Since I have to say
my favorite part of history to study is Ancient history, the nobles
had servants who washed clothes, cooked, did the dishes, because
it was such back breaking work. Even my own grandmothers did
laundry at some point in their lives on a scrub board. They all
looked at their washing machine with great fondness. I do admit
though I like my dryer, but I do prefer a clothes line. Nothing can
beat the clothes line for great smelling sheets. But towels are better
in the dryer, and jeans too.

Since I spent so much time today standing and folding clothes, I thought
a bunch about how thankful I am for my servants too. Just my mundane
thoughts today.
I hope you have a great day!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. What was that statistic? Every man, woman and child in America employs the equivalent of 100 servants? I totally believe it, when my dishwasher is running and my two breadmakers are churning out bread and cookies.

    I'm glad you have such dedicated servants. :-)

  2. Wow! We must really be royalty. (ruralty?)We have the same servants. Now if only I could teach the hens to use the washer!We do tend to take for granted those time saving things we have. It becomes abundantly clear when one of them breaks down.
    Have a good week.
    Hey, I just noticed your side bar. We are both Elinors! I used to be her younger sister, but I matured into quite a different person. Elinors are awesome!

  3. I cold not imagine having to do laundry on a scrub board for 3 boys and a hands on husband. I think I would go insane. Or we'd all have dirty clothes.

    Some day, I will have a dishwasher, and I will enjoy that servant greatly.... :D

  4. This is so funny because this has also been on my mind lately. I thanked God for my mop yesterday and not having to scrub on my knees..oh and when I didn't have a dishwasher for weeks, while feeding 12, I loved having it fixed.
    Love the eggs...since my fake chickens don't produce.
    I am going to go finish with my servants...vacuum cleaner next.
    Have a great day...thanks for stopping by and seeing my daughter's dresser

  5. I am very grateful for my "servants" too! I think they are taking a break because my house is too quiet right now. I better go check on them :)

  6. You are so right. Thank the Lord for our servants :)

  7. this is so great and evidence of how deep your mind
    works. i never thought of my appliances as servants,
    but they are! i'm going to get a LOT more bossy with
    them. :)

    i love the pilgrim story. maybe we should have little
    washers on the thanksgiving table instead of turkeys!

  8. Hi Kim, I am still here, just been off line except for my SS posting,
    I have the same servants too, and they are my dear friends, especially my washing machine. Enjoyed the story of the pilgrim women. so cute.
    When I was a child my grandmother washed her clothes in a tin tub, with a washboard, and then my mother had a wringer machine. OH not so long ago.
    I didn't get a dryer until our fourth child, I remember coming home from the hospital with our second child in a blowing snowstorm, and the next day I was hanging clothes out on the line in about six inches of snow.
    lol.and then we used cloth diapers. lol
    Would you believe I wash dishes mostly by hand even with a dishwasher, I guess because there are only two living here.You think?
    Love the color of your eggs, my hens have just started back laying .Hope you are doing well, I have so missed you. This has been one of the busiest summers for us.
    Hugs, and blessings,

  9. Love those chicken, and we are so blessed with all the servants we have in this day. Florence

  10. I love your post Kim about your thankfulness for your servants but somehow missed it completely. Too much on my mind these days. I too, am thankful for all my servants but I neglected to bring an injured dishwasher to the hospital when it collapsed a long time ago and it is just laying there and being ignored. How sad. JB


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