June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sitting on My Porch

I cleaned the porch off that is outside my office/sewing
room on Friday. I knew we were going to have cooler
temperatures this week so it will be nice to sit out there again.

I wanted to show you my old chairs. One my son redid and I love
the green color but I didn't want him to do anymore because
well I like the old rusty look. These chairs are older than me.

When I was a tiny girl, my grandparents had a cabin and my parents
and my grandparents and my aunt and uncle would go up to this place
called Balance Rock. My grandpa had a band and they would play
music up there on weekends. These chairs sat on the front porch.
It was a tiny one room cabin and a creek ran down at the bottom of
the hill that the cabin sat on.

After my grandparents bought this place where I live now, they sold the cabin and these
same chairs sat on the front porch of their old house. We would sit on the
front porch and talk and rock.
My grandmother was tired of living in a old house that was drafty in
the winter and hot in the summer.
My grandparents tore down the old house and built a new one
in its place. There wasn't a front porch anymore. You know it was a modern

So the chairs got put out under a car port by the old garage. There they
sat and no one sat in them and told stories and rocked in them.

Then I got married and I had a house with a tiny front porch. I asked
my grandparents if I could have those chairs. They couldn't figure out
why on earth I would want those" ole things" but if I wanted them
I was welcome to them.

My husband looked at me kinda funny too, why did I want rusted, old,
dirty, covered in spiders and web really old chairs. I just did.
We brought them home and I only had room for two on the front porch
and I put two in the back. I have spent hours rocking and thinking in these

We moved to a bigger house that didn't have a porch, but I kept them
on the patio, all lined up.

We moved out here and I have porches around the front and side and back
yard. I could use a few more. :) So I move them around and now they are on
the quiet porch. I still sit in them
and rock but now my feet touch the ground and when I first sat in them I had
to crawl up in them and I thought I was really big the first time my feet touched
the porch. My babies sat and rocked in them and then they grew up and now
my grand babies crawl up in them and rock and are so proud of themselves
for being able to be "big."

I don't want them painted. I like them as they are. They remind me of a place
gone by and of the wonderful times that I had with people who are no longer
I was thinking the other day, there are no people left who remember when I was born
or when we went to the cabin or who bought these chairs.

Can you tell today is a rainy day? We finally have clouds and
fall weather. It is so nice to not be hot. I might be feeling a bit blue.

I was just thinking about those chairs and thought I would tell you the
Have a lovely Tuesday!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. I love them! This is so funny....I have been thinking I needed some of these.

  2. I love porches! I wish this old house of ours had a wrap around porch, you know, the kind with plants and rockers all over. It's cool here today and we may have rain. I was up for the first time yesterday. I'm much better today. I never NEVER go down for a week at a time- well, hardly ever. Hubby says I need to take it slow so I don't end up back where I was.

    Did you see your gourd and ribbon in the photo for giveaway #1? They really helped display the earrings.

  3. Good Morning! I just found you over at Diana's place. I love your chairs and the story behind them. So glad you kept them. I have some old stuff that belonged to my grandparents, too. Two of my children are sentimental about those kind of things, so I am hopeful that one day, when it is time, they will want them. Nice to meet you.....I'll be back.

  4. I love the chairs....my grandparents had the same. We would set in them under the pecan tree. I have been wanting some for the last few years...I don't have a porch, but I would find a place for them...I still remember bouncing in them.
    Have a great day!!!

  5. Wonderful history to those old chairs. Glad you get to enjoy them!

  6. Those chairs are living history and I LOVE the story behind them. Have a great day, Kim :-)

  7. Well, see, that's why you have this blog, to write down all these memories for posterity. Now we all have them!

    Speaking of which, don't delete your old blog posts. Just old photos. Blogger has a nice photo browser now that lets you do that.

  8. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you got a story that is close to your heart so it really make these chairs extra special tor you. Thanks for sharing, JBh

  9. My parents had chairs just like those. Even down to the green paint! :) Time passes, but things of value need not fear age. That applies to folks too. ♥


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