June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Odds and Ends of Saturday

I was sitting and looking out the window today.
I loved the shape of this pumpkin. It just looks
so fallish sitting outside. My chickens love eating
raw pumpkin as much as they like cantaloupe and
tomatoes. I have been cutting them open and letting
them have them. Our weather has been so all over
the place I think they might have colds. This is supposed
to help them. My young hens seem okay, it is the older
ones. I have two hens that were from my daughters
flock from when she was a teenager so they are old

I made these crows just to see if I could. After I got
them cut out of wood, I sat and and tried and tried
to figure out what to do with them. So I tried this.
It looks okay.

I made this bunch too. Primitive you think??
I do love my husbands tools. One thing I love about
him is he never complains that I leave sawdust everywhere.
I change the drill bits in the drill press. I fool around in
his tool box and I know I don't put every thing back
where it goes. He never complains, I am sure I would
complain about me.

I made this one with a candy corn. It looks okay too.
I can never figure out what is my favorite part, the cutting out
or the sanding or the painting. I like it all, but the really fun
part is hanging it up or giving it away.

So that is what I did on Friday. When I first started working
with wood I did it because I was home schooling boys. I needed
to do something with them. It was easy to teach the girls to cook
and to sew. The boys needed something too so when I first got my
saw, I was scared to death. I didn't like getting my hands dirty and
I did not like getting greasy. I kept at it and it became one of the
things I loved going out in the garage with the boys and cutting out
guns from wood or what ever they thought up.

I know that if I had never had kids, I might not have tried all of the
things I have.

I hope you have a lovely Saturday morning. It is supposed to be a bit
cooler. This weekend and into next week. I have to remember my kids
went without shoes until Halloween. Then when they would dress up
and we would go trick or treating it would be finally cold. I don't know
why I keep trying to rush it.

Happy Saturday!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, for His wonderful works to the children of men!

(Psalm. 107:6)


  1. I can't stand power tools. I have used a scroll saw before, but my whole body is rigid while I'm doing it. I think I'm afraid I'll come up with less body parts than when I started! Today is my 4 month blog-a-versary. Stop by my blog. I'm trying something fun. This week will be my first giveaways. I'm still trying to take care of this "stuff" that has me down, but none of the girls are feeling well, so I need to be up more now. Hubby commented how unusual it is for me to be down for 3 days. I'm going crazy! Have a super weekend.

  2. Hi Kim,
    First of all, everything looks GREAT! But my favorite is the pumpkin/black cat/crow combination. I am not good with power tools so I think I'm going to take the cheaters way out (and yes, steal your idea, too!); I will draw the shapes on wood, have my husband do the cutting, and I'll do the fun stuff; painting and putting together. What kind of wire did you use?

  3. Those are adorable. I'm impressed with your use of power tools. I draw the line at the power screwdriver. I would probably lose a finger with a saw!

  4. Wow Kim, you're quite handy with the power tools. What a great job. Years ago I got a gig saw power tool from my romantic husband for Christmas. My jaw dropped when I opened the gift but I've later put it to good use. I actually used it to install some wood panels in the basement. They have since been removed because of the flood in 2008. I would like to take a course to built things with wood but where would I find the time.? Have a great weekend. JB

  5. Really like your "prim" wood works, especially the crows, I like black birds and crows. DH bought us a roto-zip but I cannot use it, pains neck and shoulders cuz I have fibromyalgia. Wonder if a band saw would be easier to use? Would love to make primitive cut-outs to decorate the chicken coops and barn. Like I don't have enough to do already!

  6. Those are awesome! I like the little cat head. I need to go get my candy corn out of the hall closet. It's been so hot I guess the fall decorating hasn't kicked in yet...

  7. Kim,
    Since I commented earlier, the mailman came. I was so excited when my husband came in from the farmers' market this morning with the mail. He placed the box on the bed and then asked me to help him with something. I had to leave the box there for a little while while I sat at the dining room table doing my weekly accounting from the market. It was killing me. This little old box was calling me. I finished my work and raced back with my camera.

    What a delightful treat. I love my box of goodies. Can I do a post about winning this? It will be next week, after my barn party, if that's okay with you. I won't use a real name or anything.

    BTW- I prayed hard this morning as my hubby went to the market alone(3 am). My oldest came in and said she felt like she was getting sick and was worried about the cold morning at the market. She goes with him every week, but we didn't want her coming down with the grunge I have. My prayer was for someone to help him. Out of the blue, a young couple, who has been customers for a while and love the idea of farming,dropped by and helped. The wife took over a change pouch and worked like she had done it before. What a blessing! He even had someone help him load our extremely heavy coolers. Praise!
    I will send you the link with my post. You made my week.
    Thank you!

  8. Love, love, love your designs! Great job, the crows are wonderful! I feel liberated using my husband's power tools, love the feel of a power drill in my hand. Have you ever used Briwax on your creation's? gives them an old primitive look. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!

  9. Howdy! Me again! Did I ever tell you that I traveled through Bakersfield once when my mom and I went cross country to her family in San Diego? I thought it was so hot that I expected to see skeletons on the side of the road! We went the southern route and drove through AZ, NM, and saw lots of desert.

    I have pictures from the exciting box opening that I'm planning on using when I do the post. Your readers will get to see.

    Barn Party- You can put my button and the Q and A in a post this week. I have had some fun answers already. You already linked to my post, but just link a new one when you get your answers. I don't know how to remove the first one. It's no big thing. To lift a button: Highlight the html text under my button and right click-"copy." Go to your "new post" and paste it where you normally type the text. Hit the html button on the upper right of the posting box, then hit compose. That should do it for you!
    Sorry to fill your comments. I must have somehow erased the e-mail from when I won the drawing. Feel free to use my e-mail when you have a ? like the barn party or just if you want to say hello in Jane Austen speech!

  10. Hey Kim...those are wonderful and prim and just great work! I especially like the crows.

  11. Gurlfriend, you can seemingly do everything! What a great mom and teacher you have been. I love all of the designs, but anything with candy corn will always be the winner with me. It is just my favorite Halloween treat!

  12. Kim, these are amazing. I would love to do this. You ROCK! Your crows look great nad I love the one with the candy corn. They are so cute :)


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