June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week in Review

Do you ever have one of those weeks that just seems like
each day if filled to the top with...life. I knew
December was busy and I expected that but January has
been on high speed.
Let's see if I can do some high lights. The company
my husband works for built a new facility and they moved.
It is further away from us so he has to leave earlier. He has
had projects that have been hard and huge. Not to mention
getting used to all of the new things in a new building.

My son started a new job, my 17 year old son. So trying
to get all of his school done and get him to work and all of that
which also means, he is my piano player and when I would be cooking
dinner he would play the piano and I would have music. Now it is quiet.

My daughter decided she needed more hours at her job, only they have
her work until midnight and I never do settle down until she is home.
She had to put her truck in the shop for a minor repair which turned out to
be major.

My 21 year old son, is a graphic artist and a friend was in a bind and could my
son do the work for a company that needed something designed and delivered
so I had a man trapising through my house and because he has a fight club they
don't keep hours like we do. Me and the dog were on edge. Even though he was
a nice man, I still was edgy. ( I didn't really know what one is but I think people
go and fight and people watch, that is why the guy came here, and my son did not go
there. )

My 21 year old son also had a group of friends over to have a game night. Sometimes
it feels like this is grand central station with people coming in and going and so
my son and friends were in the dining room playing and one of the new friends invited
a friend over to play, but didn't arrive until late. The dog was going crazy, so I got the
bright idea that if she just met him she would calm down.

I went in and there was a young man, wearing a cape, that he was taking off and putting
on my son. The dog was barking because she thought the guy was hurting my son. So I asked,
" Would you mind just speaking to the dog and petting her so she will calm down?"
Well, he walked over and proceeded to lay down on the rug. I was a little shocked and my daughter
said my mouth had "perfect O" I stood there and the dog was really going crazy, because well,
no one has ever walked in the house and laid on the ground before. I said, well, that is okay
and stumbled from the room and my face was beet red because I was so embarrassed.
The dog I think was too as she went behind my chair and stayed there the rest of the evening.

The young man, K who invited the man with the cape, came over the next day to apologize for
just inviting people late at night to our home. ( I just put all of this down to college kids.)
Then it dawned on me, that always my desire is that when people come into our home, they
will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, it will be that that will draw them and they will
feel accepted and loved. I asked, " Does that young man not get invited anywhere?" He said,
that "no", My son's friend K. has the gift of compassion and he
seems to love the unlovely and wants to help those who he sees in need. I told him it was okay,
that I understood and I hoped that it was good for his friend. He said it was so I was thankful
that in a crazy busy week, I can still use my home to glorify God.

I can't tell you how many times I did this, started taking
clothes out of the dryer and just walked off and then came
back sometime later and found this, or not even starting the
washing machine, just left the lid up with soap and everything
ready to go. The first picture with my chicken out in the yard,
I would forget they were out there. They even went and got back
in the pen themselves because I forgot them.
So yes, it has been a week.
But I have the neatest promise for this weekend, " Come to me,
all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
(Matthew 11:28)

I will rest and He will lift my burdens today. I hope you have a nice
weekend too.


  1. Kim the chickens are so beautiful out there in the backyard. My chickens put themselves up every evening like clockwork. I miss green grass. I bet your son’s friend enjoyed his visit. I bet it was good for him and how sweet of you to even think of the fact he might need somewhere to go and friends to be with. Most mom’s wouldn’t even consider that. You always inspire me lady. Happy Saturday my friend,
    Amy :)

  2. It sounds like you need to try for more sleep. With kids coming and going at all hours, you're not really resting. I admire you for being able to keep up. I couldn't. That's why I have 4-legged ones to watch over instead of ones that work and drive and have friends over. :)

  3. Wow, you've had really busy kids this week. It's so cool E has a job now! But I bet it's really lonely not having as many people running around now.

  4. You've been way too busy...time to relax and settle your mind.

  5. Oh Kim your world sounds as about upside down as mine.I always say welcome to my world! Ugh....It's very nice to be kind to others you just never know what they might be going through, hard at times I am sure but young kids get lost and have no one.

    I'm sorry to hear that it sounds like you lost your Mother about a year ago.It may do your heart some good to go through her things that made her happy and then you can always look at them and think of her in a happy way.

    I too have green and pink depression glass and love it.How very special that it was your Mother's.I have had to collect all of mine myself.

    Have a fabulous weekend & may you get some rest.Trust me I know how it is, I too don't rest until all my chickens are in safe and sound.Blessings~Kim

  6. I just sat down after standing up for an hour and stirring blood orange marmalade. It has the most wonderful floral smell and taste, almost like roses. It's not really orangey at all. I got 5 half pints. :-)

  7. I'm just laughing with you! You and the dog were both embarassed! Yep, I have to agree... you HAVE had quite a week! But... the verse at the end is perfect. Have a great Sunday! :)

  8. Some weeks are more of a struggle. Half done projects, supper cooked but then realizing you forgot to cook the veggies, laundry that stays in the washing machine too long and has to be re-washed. Typical wonderful family struggles.

  9. praise God that in our rest He lifts those burdens! praying your weekend is restful!

  10. Oh Kim, I so enjoyed this, and smiled about the pic. of the clothes hanging out the dryer, For a moment I thought I was in my laundry room.lol I find myself doing things like this a lot lately. starting and then getting preoccupied with something else. I think maybe you and I are in over load. So lets get together and take a small vacation,... ocean, mountains you name it. lol...
    I am like you I have always prayed that when someone comes to our home that they truly would feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I believe the young men really felt that presence...
    I understand about the worry when our family is out at night, and of seeing your dh adjusting, I have been there, not many years ago my dh took an extra job in a neighboring town, and had to leave at 4;30 in the morning,... rain, sleet, snow.
    And from one chicken farmer to another, your ladies are looking great, so happy. Ours have it a little hard with all of this cold,ice and snow.

    Thank you for always leaving me such sweet comments, yes, I wouldn't have the rooster know it but he does have me intimated. lol. When I was small I saw a rooster spur my cousin and the blood just flew out of one of the veins in his leg, and I never forgot that. I think if that was to happen to me, it would finish me. lol
    Well dear friend I seem to write you a full blown letter every time I visit. lol.
    Much love,

  11. Kim, I always love reading your post and it pains me to see you troubled. Women are not machines, there comes a time in a woman's life when she has to slow down and take it easier on herself, give herself a little time to just be.

    Let the cobwebs gather in the corner and the dust bunnies accumulate. We all have them and sooner or later we gather them. It's no big deal to keep them waiting.

    All you need to do is to set your timer, just sit down and put your feet up and just for a little while, REST in the Lord. For a little while, nothing else matter. You'll be surprised how peaceful you will become and energized to tackle the rest of the day.

    I think that you are working way to hard and I can feel the stress mounting. I'm sorry for preaching cause I don't get paid for this, and you can ignore this comment but I really believe that putting some importance on just being still with the Lord would help some. I know, it easier said than done but it has worked for me when I get in a tizzy. JB

  12. That does sound like quite a week. It sort of reminds me of our house when I was younger. Everyone always called it Grand Central Station because people were always coming and going. And my grandfather was always bringing home "strays" for meals. My grandmother had a lot of patience!

  13. Kim's comment hits close to home for me because, my husband George always brings strays home too without warning. I've got a lot of patience too. Just thought that I would share this tid-bit. lo...l JB


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