June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thinking about the Beach

I was thinking about the beach today. It could be because it
rained and the wind blew all day. It is snowing all around us
but not on us. We hoped all day for even a few snowflakes.
But, when you live in a valley, it really has to be a freak snowstorm.

I dug around on my computer and found pictures of our last
trip. I love the ocean and I love the smell. One of the good things
today, is you can go outside and if you shut your eyes real tight
you can imagine you are at the beach. The air smells that good.

I realize I have a thing about taking pictures of fences
going off into the distance. It could be one of the few art
classes I took, (that I didn't get kicked out of because of
no talent.) We drew perspective and I loved it so much.
I spent so much time drawing like that that now when I take
pictures it appeals to me. I also think of a picture I saw once.
It was a picture of the Marriage supper of the lamb in Revelation.
It was a giant table with gold plates and the table went on forever with
chairs and a white tablecloth. I loved that picture.

I love sunset on the ocean. I love the peace and tranquility when
I am there. I love that my mind rests as I stare off into the distance.
I even love the roar and the boom of the waves crashing on the shore.
I will wait now, though until it is warmer to visit.
I was just thinking about it today.
I hope your first week, of the first year of 2011 is a good one.
I will be back at school. Vacation over. In 5 months I will graduate my
fifth student. I will only have one more student left for two more years.
My course that the Lord gave me in 1989 will almost be finished. I still
pray that the Lord blesses the work of my hands and that someday,
the Lord will tell me well done good and faithful servant. When I started
teaching my children in 1989 I only did it for one year, and then one year,
little did I know that my greatest work of my life would become the joy
of my life.
I am dragging my feet, and I am scared. How did it go by so fast?
Each day for me becomes more precious than the last. I have no greater joy than my children walked in
Blessings this first new week,



  1. I am always at peace at the beach. You are right, it's the smell, the sounds, the feel of the sand!
    Your fence pictures always inspire me. I love looking at them and I am going to try and take some as beautiful as yours. You always seem to get the exact angle.

  2. I so love the beach too. These are wonderful photos and there is nothing like the smell and sound. I just know you are a wonderful teacher and I bet it has been a great joy and wonderful for your kids. Your photography is wonderful and I love fences and your fence pics are great :)

  3. Beaches are so wonderful! I could use a barefoot walk on a warm beach somewhere and a few hours to myself.
    Your children were blessed with a good momma. Home schooling is not easy, but it's rewarding.

  4. An amazing commitment...teaching your children. I taught tow of ours for two years. One because he needed it, the other because she wanted to.I enjoyed it, but not sure I could have done it all the way through...especially 6 times. I salute you!!
    Lovely beach pictures. I'm actually trying NOT to think of the beach....it just makes me want to go more and that is not until summer. Unless, I can talk the old Hubby into a spring trip. He's not big on that because he says the water is too cold and he doesn't like to go to the beach if he can't get in the water. Me?...I'm happy just to sit on the beach and look at the water, listen to the waves crash and smell the salt air!!

  5. Oh I have no doubt that God has something new planned and waiting in the wings for you after you hang up your "teacher's hat". :) You've too much heart and talent to go to waste. :)

  6. I love this sentiment as we pray about our homeschool journey. It is nice to know that you think it went by "quickly" even though you have been teaching longer than most...teachers.

  7. I too had to put my "teacher tools" away, after a long and for the most part enjoyable career. Approaching "retirement" is a bit daunting, as it reminds us of our aging and mortality. But Kim, dear heart, we've made it here!

    Like Texwisgirl, I'm sure God is already setting the wheels in motion for your next avocation. I'm thinking this blog is a part of those turning wheels.

    Happy New Year, I didn't get to my dyepots yet, so your "prize" for deciphering craneyola is a bit delayed. I did sit down and figure out the formula today, so maybe by the end of the week...

  8. Ah yes, I dream of the beach, too.

    Except not now. I don't want to go anywhere for the next six months, at least. And ha, I won't be able to, anyway, once #3 is born! So I shall only continue to dream ...

  9. Ahhh....the beach. I could use a beach day!!!
    I so hear you on the teaching thing and nearing the end.
    I still have one in grade 5!!!! so I am a bit behind you...but already I wonder what my life will be like without this job.
    Dragging my feet....wishing it not to end. Yet...life goes on and I can't stay here forever.
    My heart is in my kiddos too.....so glad I have found you and now know someone with this mixed feeling!!

  10. I love the beach also...and the smell. We live so far from the beach, so it is really a joy when we get to go...it had been 5 years since our last visit when we went this summer.

    Oh I started home schooling 1988...and I will graduate our 5th in three years...he turns 15 today!, but what am I going to do with my youngest, I have no clue.

    Either way, we are both going to be entering a new season of our lives after a long and productive journey.

    Have a great week...we are celebrating 3 birthdays in this house.

  11. Ohhhhh...I feel the same way about the beach! It renews my soul!

    Thank you so much for your friendship this year. You have been such an encouragement and blessing to me. The love and sweet words that I have received from my new blog friends have given me blessings beyond my imagination.

    I hope that you have a bright and hopeful start to this new year that God has so graciously given to each of us. We will just thank Him everyday, in the good and bad times, for each day!
    Much Love & Many Prayers,

  12. Hi Kim, what I saw first thing when I went outside was a white blanket covering everything this morning. The air was damp but fresh. The sun is hiding and I wish it would come out.
    What came to mind when you show the picture of the beach for some reason is Footprints in the Sand. Thanks for inspiring me this morning. I love pictures of your beautiful fenced pasture. I could picture sheep in there with the good shepherd. Have a great day. JB

  13. Good Morning Kim,
    As always you have lifted my spirit, I too love the ocean and the smell of the ocean air.
    I applaud you for homeschooling, and If I had children at home I would be doing the same. I feel it is such a high calling, and I know when you answered that call in 1989, that God smiled at your obedience. I believe you will one day hear "Well done good and faithful servant." Your heart to serve God by serving your family comes forth in your writing.

    Your photos are beautiful! and the header makes me long for spring and summer.
    I hope you get to see some snow soon, I am so thankful for what we had. especially for the girls but it has taken a week to melt. lol So I am now wanting to share this snow with others. LOL Hope your day is filled with many blessings.

  14. Oh how I LOVE the beach. For many of the same reasons you mentioned. I love the smell, the sounds, even the damp feel of the air. We drove by the ocean yesterday on our way to and from San Diego as we traveled down to hear my son. Such a beautiful drive. It was raining though and my hubby and I talked about how different the ocean "feels" in a rain storm.
    I soo admire you home schooling your kids. What a tremendous undertaking that no doubt was. I was VERY involved with school and my kids. Studied with with, required more things of them etc....I miss those days sometimes. ENJOY every moment you have left of this season in your life. It goes by soo fast doesn't it? Have a wonderful day my friend. HUGS

  15. Amen. It will be our greatest achievement that our children will go to heaven with us! THank you for your words of encouagement.I admire you homeschooling your children. Blessings!


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