June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Walking Around

I was looking out the window and I saw that my Camilla
bush is looking a little weather worn. So I thought I need a few
pictures to remember it by, so this summer when I am wanting
to pull it out and just put in grass and not have flower beds.

The sun came out today. I feel like celebrating because I know in the morning
there is a good possibility it will be fog. I just had to take a picture of it.

As I walked in the cold, and I could hear the Meadowlarks singing.
I am transported back to being a child and listening to the meadowlarks
and looking all around me at the dream that was my life.
I stopped and listened
and wished I could walk to find where it is singing up the morning. As I walked
to the back of that pasture, behind me is a garage where a man builds race cars.
All of the big car transports are all gone and sitting on all of the cars in the sunshine
were cats. Sitting in the sun watching me as I passed. They must have been strays but
now they have found a home and they all looked pretty well taken care of, I was

I stopped at the orange trees and picked oranges.

I didn't know that we had two blood orange trees.
I do wish they could have named them a nice name, I mean
there is ruby red grapefruit, blood oranges just sounds so yukky.
This year, the oranges and lemons are the best crop we have ever
had. I cut some open so you could see them. (I wish I could mail you some.)

The regular oranges are just the navel orange tree,
and the dark ones are the blood oranges. My son says
that when he eats them at work, everyone leaves as they
can't watch.
As I was cutting these my hands were stained pink.
This is a close up.

This is going to sound like a commercial and I don't mean it too,
but here it goes. Since Weight Watchers changed it's program,
you can eat fruit and vegetables and they have no points. I mean
really when was the last time you sat and watched T.V. and ate a head
of lettuce? This is my second week and it has taken me that long to get
sugar out of my system, so that now I am willing to eat fruit and vegetables
and not reach for cookies. But the no point things has helped me so much and
that they raised the points you can eat every day. I am a really happy camper.
In the winter all I remember about trying to be on Weight Watchers is freezing and
starving as I tried to live on 20 points a day. That was exercising a hour a day plus my
other work I do all day. It is no wonder why I would give up.

But now I am not hungry and I have a energy usually by this time I would be wanting to
sleep all of the time.
I don't feel deprived which is nice. This is not a endorsement it is just something
I have noticed in these last few weeks.

I know my friends on the East Coast are having a big snow storm. You have been in
my thoughts and prayers. My prayers are for your power to stay on and pray you are safe.
I really would enjoy my sunshine more if I could send you some.

Would you settle for a hug? O

Wishing you lots of sunshine on the way,


  1. Thanks for the hug :) . I am reading your post while I watch snow blowing past the window. We are toasty warm so far and it's almost bedtime so then I don't have to see the storm.
    Good luck on Weight Watchers. I am giggling thinking about sitting down to watch TV with a head of lettuce! Cookie shaped lettuce maybe.....LOL

  2. We had some sunshine today, but it didn't get above freezing and the wind was cutting.It is suppose to get down into the teens tonight and tomorrow night....Whoopee! I've done WW before and I think it is the best as far as not feeling deprived without having to buy the program meals. I'm proud of you and I am praying for you...I know how hard it is especially when you have a family around you that is eating anything they want. And I have a skinny husband....sigh! Hugs to you s well!

  3. These photos remind me of spring and here camillas are one of the first things to bloom.Hope you are having a good week.

  4. Those look beautiful. I know I would love them but I’ve never met an orange I don’t like. Agree on the name though--bad PR for that orange right off the bat :) LOL I didn’t know WW had changed their program. I was on it at the same time you were --20 points, working out, starved to death. I love fruit so that would be much better for me. I’m so glad you shared this. Enjoy that beautiful camelia and do NOT take it out. You will be so glad you didn’t :)
    Hugs, Amy

  5. Hello Farm Girl :o)

    first I think the picture you chose for your header is Awesome!
    I went out to my yard today to pull a couple of weeds :o)
    and fertilize the grass. I love flowers, but so does my puppy, so
    no flowers. The Camilla flower is sooooo pretty, great photo.
    Well the weather at my house today was sunny and about 70 degrees, but I would prefer cold weather in the winter :o)

    God bless

  6. what kind of WINTER is that?!?! I would trade winters with you ANYTIME :)

  7. Oh, the warm sun was so glorious today! We went out and walked in it, just to soak it up real good.

    We ate blood oranges with dinner, too. They do look kind of gory when you're cutting them up and eating them, but they're so, so good.

  8. Wow. Have never seen or heard of blood oranges. Yikes! Your irises look so beautiful! :)

  9. Yes, the sun was so nice today! We drove home from shopping with the windows down and it was so nice. I hope we get more sun this week.

  10. OH! Kim, This is good for me, as I am so longing to be able to take a walk like this, and since I love fruit so much,especially citrus.I can't even imagine how wonderful it would be to go outside and pick one. loved the photos.
    I was a W W many years ago, and need to go back, this is so funny about the sugar as I have a post coming out about the choc. cake . I truly believe if I could get sugar out of my system I to would feel so much better, But for now I must help dh finish this one.lol. Seriously, I have been really wanted to kick this sugar habit. Did you go cold turkey or did you do it gradually?
    Enjoy your beautiful weather, we are beginning to thaw out, and that is good news as I am looking forward to walking again.

  11. How I would love to go for a LONG walk. I soo enjoy going on yours with you... = ) That sounds wonderful about WW...and it is huge to have all fruits and veggies freee. Makes sense though when you think about it. I do the same thing on Jenny Craig, (though "technically" you are not suppose to) IF I NEED something else on my day, or I am just feeling "snacky" I just grab another piece of fruit (you get two as it is which should be plenty and USUALLY is) or I even just grab a second one of thier little snacks. I do MUCH better with pre measured out snacks and portions...can't really trust me, haha. WW is a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL diet and I have lots tons (no pun intended) of weight on it. When I was younger and only played with 10 to 15 pounds at a time, it was the only diet I used. I know what you mean about the sugar too. I was eating it in such LARGE quanities, it made that first week on miserable in withdrawls...but this second week is starting to get easier, and I actually feel better...other than I woke up with a cold yesterday. sigh...Have a wonderful day! HUGS

    OH! I have never tasted a blood orange...do they taste the same or are they sweeter or what??

  12. Kim, count your blessing to have fresh oranges ripening right on your own tree. That is so awesome to me. The oranges we get in the store are definitely not as good as the one picked fresh from the trees.

    When we got married in February 1966 we drove down to Florida for our honeymoon and as we were getting down south we would buy freshly picked oranges and they were so juicy and tasty compared to what we were buying at home.

    I'm glad that you are doing well on your diet. I wish you great progress. I'm positive that you will JUST DO IT.

    I guess no matter where we live there is always a desolate time when the weather gets us yearning for nicer sunnier days. Spring will be around soon.

    I was looking at a picture of a tree on my time of reflection this morning and as I reflected during a few minutes of silence, I was aware that how God created things to be in three dimensions. I can only draw one flat on paper.

    I can look at a tree from all around and on top and I can even look at it from underneath. Then I was so thankful for my eyes that God created to be able to see his creation in all its splendor when the tree is all budded, then in blossom, then in leaves and finally barren only to repeat the cycle over and over. I take my eyes for granted unless I stop and reflect on what a marvel they really are. It just blows my mind.

    Thanks for the hug and have a sunny day inside your head. Hugs. JB

  13. How lucky are you to be able to head to the backyard and pick oranges and lemons. The only thing I am able to harvest at the moment is icicles! The irises in your header are just beautiful, they make me smile. What a fantastic job you did on the "HOME" sign, I'll keep my eye out for some old keys for you. You have given me inspiration as far as Weight Watchers is concerned. My nervous, mindless eating has added 10 extra pounds. No better time than today to start. Are you doing online Weight Watchers or attending meetings? Drop me a line I would love to hear from you. Our recent snow storm dropped eighteen inches of snow and another is forecast for next week, needless to say my girls are not impressed! Blessings to you.

  14. Oh your citrus looks great...we had a lemon tree one time...your walk sounds lovely.
    Now I have got get on that all fruit and vegs...now all the birthdays are over there isn't an excuse.
    Have a great weekend!!


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