June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blast From The Past

This morning I got on facebook and as I was going
down through my page, there was these pictures. I about
fainted. I have a cousin who lives in Oklahoma and her
daughter has her grandparents photo albums and she is scanning
them and putting them on facebook. So imagine my shock when
I saw this picture. It is of me when I was not married. My aunt
and uncle were visiting my grandparents and I went over after work.
They had just asked me if I had a boyfriend and I told them yes and that
he didn't know it yet but we were going to get married. So that is the
look on my face. They laughed and laughed.

This is at another time at my grandparents house when
I just had five kids. I have never seen this picture until
today when it was on facebook. My daughter on my lap,
because we are at my grandparents, they had a candy drawer,
and my daughter has one or two suckers in her mouth and one
in her hand.

It is shocking to me how fast time goes. I just thought I would share them
for a bit today.
It was quite a shock so see all of these family pictures that I haven't seen
in years.


  1. how adorable are you predicting your husband
    and then holding is 5 of his children! my grandma
    always had candy, too.

    not sure if i will follow in those footsteps, but
    hopefully i will always have something 'sweet'
    to give them!

    thanks for sharing these adorable pics.


  2. How cute are you!!! I love that "blushing" look on your face in that top one! And look what happened next! :)

  3. So cute!! But seriously Kim.....you look way to young for those to be your 5 children in that photo.

  4. Oh I love these. They are priceless. Capturing that moment after you said you were going to marry him? Wow--you have it forever now. It’s so cool how we can scan old photos and share them like never before. The photo with the kids is awesome. I love that she has two suckers :) LOL

  5. It's fun to see old pix! I think I'd feel a bit weird finding picture on facebook that I didn't know were there.I think it's funny that the daughter on your lap hit the motherload of lollipops! What are grandparents for?!

  6. Ive often written that time moves too quickly, and in only one direction. Photos have an amazing ability to make us realize that, don't they?

  7. Oh how cute...I am laughing, I have some just like this at my grandmother's house...since she is gone they are so precious to me.

    Oh grandmother's and candy...well I know I will not be allowed to do that...though it never hurt any of us...but my kids are such health nuts and won't even eat dessert at my house.

    Enjoy memory lane on face book!!

  8. Ah, the good old days. Thanks for turning the clock back a few years for us. You look so young on the first photo but also adorable. On the second photo, I agree with Kim, you looks too young for having all those kids.

    I'm a grandma and I always have a jar of assorted candies and that the first place the grandkids visit when they come to my house. lol JB

  9. Wow, I can imagine the surprise but, it was good feeling, no doubt. Thanks for taking us along with you. Time does pass by quickly-especially, in hindsight.

  10. Oh my gosh! Look at your hair in the first picture! I'm wearing my hair almost the exact same way!

    The second picture makes me laugh. Look how little we all were. And that's how big we all were as we were walking along the edge of the Grand Canyon with no guardrail.

  11. Wonderful photos! One of my goals this winter is to redo all my photo albums. I wind up in memories (and sometimes tears) when I tackle this project but I will get it done. How fun for you to see pics you've never seen!



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