June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Wool Cutter

When I first became interested in rug hooking every thing
I read talked about a wool cutter. I went to web sites and
looked and looked at them but I couldn't figure how they
were supposed to work. So I thought since I was using mine
today, maybe you might be interested in seeing them up close.
All of my rug hooking friends just bear with me. I am entirely
self taught so I imagine I will make lots of mistakes in this post.

You take the wool and put it next to the guide and
that is a cutter blade that you see with the wool underneath it.

That is me holding the wool and trying to turn the crank
to cut the wool, and that was a new injury to my other hand
today as I was changing the blade and bashed my hand
and cut that hand. I haven't had much luck working with
sharp things for a couple of days. Oh my son is taking the
pictures because I need another hand to hold the camera.

This is how it looks when the strips come out from
the cutter. Two very nice strips.

This is another view of it with the wool on the table.
I have been happily cutting wool today. I have had such
fun cutting a bit and then hooking. My son walked by and said,
" Gosh, I can't believe it my Mom is a hooker!" He meant rug hooker. :)

I just just thought it might be fun for those of you who wonder what
being a rug hooker is and what they do. Now that I have got over my
fear of doing something wrong It is fun. Besides my first project is going
to a 3 year old. He will be happy with it and that it is a kitty cat, not that
I am such a beginner.

I can't wait to show you my rug when it is finished. It is such a nice way
to spend an afternoon. Almost as much fun as watching chickens, but it
got warm this afternoon so I let some of my chickens out and watched them
and hooked so it is a perfect day.



  1. Hey Kim...I looked all over for the direction book, but never found it...not even when I thoroughly cleaned out my sewing room this week. Looks like you have it all figured out, though. I'm so proud of you...forging ahead into an unknown area. I did it, too and it sure was worth it! Have fun hooking!

  2. Look at you!!! You are doing great. I am so glad your grandson claimed the cat rug. Now you have a commitment to hook, hook, hook.
    I have a feeling your son is going to have a lot of fun telling his friends that his Mom is a hooker. Lol

  3. Wow. I had no idea you used wool strips instead of yarn. I went back and blew up your kitty photo and could see the wool strips there! See, you taught me something new today! Old dogs CAN learn! :)

    Had to laugh at your son's remark! LOL!

  4. Oh my gosh-I didn’t understand what that thing was for--now I do. So you used the small strips to hook in the rug? I love it. Wow Kim--had no idea my sweet friend was hooking now on Saturday nights :) LOL
    Hugs, Amy

  5. Very interesting! Sorry about all your injuries....so glad you weren't hurt badly. Be careful, my friend!

  6. Oh wow, that's really neat! I couldn't figure out how it must work, either. Nice even strips!

    Heh, remember the time you were using your roller-cutter thing to cut up fabric, and you cut into your thumbnail, and I had to bandage you up? :-)

  7. I can't wait to see the finished product! HUGS

  8. wish i was crafty! i love your craftiness:)
    LOVE the header pic!!! My man loves that the driveway is a headrow! (grew up a farmer, and still a farmer at heart!)

  9. I never knew how a wool cutter worked until today. I'm glad my pictures turned out.

    ...You're a hooker AND a cutter!

  10. I didn't even know you got a wool cutter until today thanks for sharing, cannot wait to see the finished product. Would love to come and sit on your porch and visit, your farm looks stunning

  11. Kim, you are awesome!! I wish I lived next door to you!! OH! how you could teach me so much. I love your son's comment tooLOl.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,

  12. We just had a discussion of cutting wool for hooking on wooly buddies last week! I gave them your blog url to come see your cutter. Thank you for sharing that!


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