June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Finishing Projects

I am so slow when it comes to counted cross stitch, but I finally finished
this from a pattern I got from Brenda Gervais. Her blog is http://withthyneedleandthread.blogspot.com/
I love every thing she designs and I love her web site and could spend
countless hours there. I am finishing all of 2010 projects before I buy
anything else. I also am a big fan of Stacy Nash her blog is http://stacynashprimitivedesigns.blogspot.com/
I have her Christmas book that I got at Christmas time but I have to finish
my current work basket before I dare start.
I have had a wood project knocking around in my brain. I had to wait until
Saturday morning before we had time to go out and dig through the wood pile.

So I dug around until I found a piece of old wood that
was perfect for what I wanted it for the only thing is
it has been so wet it was sopping wet.

This is my husband's big saw. I am scared to death of the
thing and I have no desire to ever learn how to use it.
I love power tools almost as much as a sewing machine, and
while impressed at what this can do, I am very content to let
it be all his.

So he took my wet wood and cut it up into chunks for me and
it was so cold the saw didn't want to work. I was starting to doubt if
I would be able to get this design out of my head. I had drawn it
over and over but this one was more insistent so I knew I needed
to make a start.
But then the wood was so wet I had to keep it under the wood stove
for a whole day to dry out. So by Sunday night it was finally dry so I
could do something with it.

This is my work table today as I painted and drew
on the wood. I thought I would be able to show pictures
of the finished project but now we have to wait. It is out
in the shed on the work bench getting glued together.
I can't wait until it is finished it has been so much fun to make.
My husband used his biscuit joiner tonight and that is one
neat machine. Next time I will take pictures of that. I had never
seen one in use before. Like I said, I really do like power tools.
Really one of my favorite dates is to go to a farm supply store or
a hardware store or the very best is walking around Sears in the tool
My favorite shopping center has a Hancock Fabric store and right next door
is a Harbor Freight store. I just love looking at all of that stuff. When I was
little my Grandpa would take me to the Army Surplus stores and I loved that too.

So maybe it will all be finished tomorrow and I can show you my finished project.

Bye for now,


  1. Kim, I agree--my favorite date with the husband is to go to Tractor Supply and then lunch out. We are like kids in a candy store :) I can’t wait to see what you are making--I know it’s going to be fabulous. I would be scared of that big saw too.

  2. Looks like you're having fun with the tools, again! I am lovin' the Brenda Gervais design...lovely work, too!

  3. I'll be waiting anxiously to see your project finished. Part of the fun of creating is turning an idea into a concrete thing in this case into a wooden thing. JB

  4. So, what you are saying is...you're a pretty cheap date!!! :-) I'm glad it has turned out as you imagined. Can't wait to see it! Looking at the letters...I bet it has something to do with "home". Not a surprise since you are all about making a home! May I ask where in GA?

  5. I'm scared of power tools. I hate the commercial kitchen slicers. I think that all came about because I tend to be a bit clumsy. Clumsy with power tools doesn't work out well!

  6. Oh I am soo anxious to see what you have created. Be back later...

  7. Kim, you never cease to amaze me with your talents! I have done cross stitch in the past, and I am a slow stitcher, for this reason, I thought the under side had to be as neat as the front. lol My question is.. are you that type of stitcher? I am so afraid of saws of any kind, and when dh is using one I am standing there biting my nails,but any other power tool I love to get my hands on. I have my own drill, and dh has his, and when he wants to use mine, I don't let it go so easily. lol we love Harbor Freight too!
    I am slowly trying to get back to blogging, and catching up on my house cleaning. I spent last week getting the decorations down, and haven't cleaned up from that. This vertigo has really been something.
    I enjoyed catching up on your previous post, and enjoyed the photos of you when you were young. so cute. Are you on facebook? I have gone back and forth with whether to join or not, but like blogging so much more.
    I guess I better close or I will have written a blog post in your comment section. lol. I did enjoy catching up with you.

  8. Kim, I forgot to mention this morning that you did a terrific job on your cross stitch. I've made three and I know how tedious they are to make. Some day I may post them. One is the praying hands with a blessing, the other is a saying when God closes a door that he opens another and the other is an Iris. I've been wanting to make more but I have more ambition than time. JB

  9. This is great and so inspiring...and yes, I am starting to have to time to create again...but my five year old wants to help...LOL I use to do it all with four little ones and I just need to remember how I did it.
    I love your stuff...go girl!!

  10. No, I've never been to Blowing Rock, but if you will come....I will meet you there!! :-)


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