June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Fog In The Valley

The fog had lifted a bit but that is what we have after rain.
It is what fills the San Joaquin Valley in the winter. It is wet
and it is cold. I knew yesterday when we had a beautiful sunny
day, and we get high pressure, we get cold, gray fog.
It does make it great for taking pictures of water. I love how the
light even gray light is reflected in the water.

I also like that the moisture shows up tiny spider webs
that have tiny bits of pearls lining the tiny web.

As I was out there standing under neath the dripping trees,
the verse that came to my mind was Genesis 2:6 "and a mist
was going up from the land and watering the whole face of the ground."
Because next to the oil industry, farming is the next biggest industry
in the great San Joaquin Valley. Fog maybe scary, but
it does keep us suffering from drought like some of the other
places that don't have this Tule Fog.

One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid
was to play hide and go-seek in the fog. I used to like
it a lot more than I do now. When I worked people would
come in to the store and they would be so depressed and sad,
and I didn't understand. I sort of do now, but with anything,
light candles, or start a fire or bake cookies or just cook.
I also clean house too. I go outside and talk to my chickens.

I also go out and pick lemons and oranges and pretend it really isn't
that cold. It is winter and I am glad that it is because it is nice to do
things in a nice warm house.

I am so glad we are to our first weekend in January. It has been
a good week.


  1. I just realized you're going to need to change your description line on your blog, now that it's 2011! :)

    Your drippy fog photos are beautiful. :)

  2. It is very cold and icy here, so I am going to imagine I am in the Field of Dreams picking lemons. I think it would be hard to be sad while looking at a lemon tree.

  3. Wow...I have never experienced fog like that, how interesting, you could hide in. Isn't God creation so unique that it can be so different from one area to another.
    Your pictures are great...another talent is blossoming!!

  4. Kim, I always associate winter with snow, cold and icy road, of fire in the stove and home made soup simmering on the stove, but it depends where ones lives. Imagine picking lemons on trees at this time of year, awesome.

    A good home made lemon meringue pie made from scratch would dissipate that winter fog away and fill your kitchen with a delightful aroma, and also would be nice with a hot cup of tea. Yummy. I'm getting hungry. I want to come over. Hugs, JB

  5. i LOVE the fog but probably because we have so
    little of it in oklahoma. say what you will about
    us, we do have our share of sunshine.

    i especially love your antidote to depression:

    you should hang out a sign! i would be your
    first patient . . . but you better keep the chickens
    away from me. :)

  6. I love those photos, Farm Girl! They capture the valley perfectly. I would know "home" from your pictures. :)

  7. If I was there with you, we'd have too bake a lemon meringue pie with some of those lemons! I make extra meringue and pile it really high. Can you say sugar overdose?

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  10. Neat pictures and interesting about the fog. I, too, like the way it looks. Just don't like driving in it! I FINISHED THE BOOK!!!! Ends well...glad I hung in there! ALso, glad I skipped the journal part...don't think I missed much. She says this is her fav book...called it her "dark-haired child". I hope, if there is another book, she returns to the "fair haired" side of the family!! :-)

  11. Odd, your blog post says Wednesday, and I could have sworn that today was Friday. Are you back-dating your posts, somehow?

    Anyway, tomorrow, I roll up my sleeves and tackle lemon marmalade. I bought sugar and a hand-juicer and cheesecloth today, and I think I have just enough jars. If this turns out, I might be borrowing a few more off you (and paying you in marmalade!)

  12. Hi kim,

    Your photographs are very pretty, you have a great eye.
    I love how you wrote that you spend time talking with the chickens, that is something I would do, but I only have a dog so she will have to do :o)

    God bless your day

    P.S. sorry for the 2 deleted comments I was trying to fix my mistakes


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