June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...The world has become shades of black and white because of the clouds.

I am thinking...I am glad I have so much work to keep me busy in the house and all of the work that I have to do on Mondays

I am thankful for...People to love, and to take care of and that I have the job that I do and I have good strong hands to work with and a strong back.

From the learning rooms...My learning room today is spent teaching the boys. Teaching them to apply God's word to their daily life.

From the kitchen...I am happy that I have food to cook and people to eat it and I am so thankful I am not alone in this big old house.

I am wearing...Black sweats because it is so cold.

I am creating...I am working on all of the projects I didn't get finished in 2010

I am going...to keep doing what I am doing until God says, "Well done, faithful servant, enter in your rest."

I am reading...The newest Jan Karon book and just slogging through, I am not enjoying it at all.

I am hoping...The scales go down this week.

I am hearing...The sound of voices upstairs and the dog chewing up a tennis ball. The cracking and snapping of the wood in the fireplace.

Around the house...The darkness is slowly filling up the rooms, it will be time soon to turn on the lights.

One of my favorite things...When the kids are back home and I can lock the doors and all is safe.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I need to meet with my girls because I miss my grand children. I need to feel the sound of baby voices calling for me and the hands around my neck.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

Today I am missing flowers I am so glad I have a picture
to share today.
I want to thank Peggy for offing The Simple Woman's Daybook.
I haven't done one in awhile.
Have a great Monday!


  1. I love when everyone is home. Its such a feeling of contentment.

  2. I always loved that time of day too, when everyone was home and we nestled in... I think I will ALWAYS miss the joy of the chaos of kids all around. I'm like you, I need to see the little ones andget my 'fix' pretty often! :)

  3. I wish you Happy New 2011!
    क्या बात है । मजा आ गया ।
    जितनी तारीफ़ की जाय कम है ।
    सिलसिला जारी रखें ।
    आपको पुनः बधाई ।

  4. Even though I don't have human children, when the barn animals are all fed and "in" and all 5 dogs are settled down for the night and I lock the front door, all is well in this "mom's" heart too. :)

    Beautiful flower photo!

  5. Ah yes, the contentment of the later afternoon as it slowly gets dark ... although it's been pretty dark all day today anyway. I went out to the trash tonight and it was misting, and the cold about killed me because I wasn't wearing a coat.

    Maybe I ought to fill out these questionnaires. I like the questions. :-)

  6. Beautiful flower...something to loo forward to. Guess what..we awoke to snow on the ground here in mid Ga!! Now work today...woohoo!

  7. oops! Meant to say "no" work today!!

  8. I love these daybooks...I may do one today too if I get the chance....NOTHING like that last one is FIANLLY home and you can shut and lock that door and settle into your bed KNOWING everyone is safe and all is right with the world. It took me a while after my final one left not to worry where they all were...Have a wonderful day. HUGS

  9. sounds like a lovely day...one where you're really taking it all in.


  10. Kim, I love your systematic gratefulness. I can tell that you live in the moment and are always conscious of the great gifts that each day brings you.
    My morning prayer when I open my eyes is very simple. Thank you Lord for this day and all it brings. Help me be what you want me to be today...

    But I'm not always conscious during the whole day to give thanks, only when I have time to ponder something. But when night falls and I close my eye it seems that my heart reviews my day and I try to be thankful.

    I'm especially conscious when I get into a hot shower though without exception to be thankful because I have pondered on how we take water for granted and once at a silent retreat I was given an assignment of just writing about the word water. I just started to write and the words just kept coming and my little piece was published in our quarterly magazine Colloquy. I may just make a post on it some day. JB

  11. What a wonderful insight into your day and heart.
    Thank you for sharing....and for the bright picture of warmth!!!

  12. Love your day...and your pictures, and want the same this year...for the scales to go down...I just finished working out, inside since we have snow outside.
    Enjoy those grand babies...oh, my, I can't wait and I would like for them to come in pairs, so someone else needs to get married. LOL

    My five year old is still giving hugs and kisses...but I know the days are numbered.

  13. Dearest Kim such a lovely post. I have been thinking of you my sweet blogging friend. I too enjoy the quiet of an afternoon, but with the knowledge that my family will soon be gathered around the dinner table, things then seem right with the world. Blessings to you my friend.


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