June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today on Tuesday

Today on Tuesday I had some things to share with you.
First, dear Sweet Amy is having a give a way. So go on over
to Verde Farms and see the stuff she is getting together for her
give away. She is helping out her chickens this week.

We are under dense fog advisory this week and who knows how long.
I went out in the pasture so you could see what I see. It had lifted a
tiny bit because being a chicken like I am the fog plays tricks on me.
It makes the sound muffled so when I am out there by myself I can
never tell how far away something is or how close.

I climbed through the fence to the other side so you could
see how it looks from the green side of the fence. It was so wet
my feet and my pants got soaking wet.

I was standing at the back of the pasture looking toward
the back of my house. It is a very lost feeling when I am out
there, the world has become gray and cold. As I listened to
hear what sounds I could hear, I could hear a meadowlark
far away singing a two note song. I thought only two notes for
a gray day.
Then I became conscious of the cawing of ravens. I knew they were
close but I couldn't tell what direction they were whether they were
in front of me or behind me.
Later after the sun came out and I went out there, I saw the ravens.
I could tell where they were then, and they were dive bombing something
over and over the man behind me has a legendary back yard. Ducks
come and herons and oyster catchers and in the huge date tree at the back
of his property, a barn owl must have made its nest there. I watched and
there were two ravens. Finally, one flew off to the top of a pole and watched the world
from his fence post. I felt sorry for the owl.

One of the reasons I like gardening is for the secret surprises
that are around every corner. In my husbands place he grows his
trees, he said, in the summer he rescued these primroses. He is always
rescuing some kind of plant. There they were just blooming away among
his bare branches of his little trees.

These are the only flowers I can find right now and I am
pining away for them. It does my heart good to just find something.
I sat yesterday and dreamed over seed catalogs. I have shapes of gardens
starting to come into my mind. I went out to my strawberry bed today
after I fed my chickens and uncovered my plants a bit to see how they were
doing. I ended up pulling weeds for a bit and I do miss the dirt.

I know I tell myself by August, never again, I am not going to put in another garden.
Then comes January and cold, wet, dreary days and I long to put my hands in the dirt.
I have to show you one more picture that made me so happy.

Can you see the tiny little buds on the end of my peach tree?
It made me so happy to see the promise of spring getting ready.
So no matter how gray the days may seem, quietly waiting spring
will come. I am dreaming of April because then a new little person
will come and gama will have a new little girl to hold. So much to look
forward to in spring.

Have a lovely Tuesday.



  1. Gorgeous photos of your fog and green grass. We have so much snow we can barely see over the snow banks.

  2. That is so weird you keep talking about the fog. We've been mostly sunny out here for 3 days. Not much fog at all. I did drive to the post office today and pointing in your direction it was so creepy. It was a whole wall of fog on just the other side of 7th Standard.

  3. Oh congratulations on the new baby this Spring! That's definitely something to look forward to. This gray weather gets to me too. I like to turn on my lamps during the day even for a softer glow everywhere. We just got back from vacation and were able to soak up lots of Vit D though!
    Lisa ;-)

  4. Kim, you are just the best :) Thank you for sharing the giveaway. I just love the fence line at your house-it’s so pretty. That is some deep fog--I bet it was disorienting to a point. Those beautiful primrose flowers are blooming there now? Oh my-they are perfect. I love peach trees--my favorite in spring-so pretty :) Hugs, Amy

  5. That fog can be so disorienting - even when you're on foot. Muffling everything and hiding even the most common sights from view to the point you doubt that you are where you are. :) I do love how you keep your field as part of your ongoing displays for us. Even in the fog, it is beautiful. :)

  6. Primrose is pretty! I didn't know there was a grand-girl coming in April...so exciting! Wanted to tell you that I made the crescent roll dessert tonight. I used peach pie filling (since we are not big cherry fans) and, oh my goodness, it was delicious!! Best "non-chocolate" thing I have had in along time!!! I'm going to get some to my new son-in-law tomorrow...he likes fruity desserts. I'll definitely make this from now on...thanks for sharing the recipe! Hope you see the sun soon!!

  7. I am NOT doing peaches this year, so your peach tree can just keep its buds. I do wistfully think of that delicious plum jam, but I shall have a small munchkin who will protest at me doing anything but holding it. Maybe if I wear my sling ...

    You guys will all have to pick lots of produce for me and make it into delicious canned things! I'll swap you marmalade for it!

  8. Kim,

    Your blog page looks so pretty, so bright and happy. Excellent photography! Goodness, it's foggy, it looks like you could get lost in :o)

    God bless you

  9. I can't believe the weather you have! The fog can be so pretty but then it can get a little creepy. I don't think I would like being out in the middle of that big foggy field alone for too long.
    Peach tree buds.........in January...........who could imagine? (where I live). Homemeade peach pie with a crumble top - ahhhhh if only!

  10. I was just telling my husband the other day about the fog you all have...something we have never experienced. The flowers are just beautiful..what wonderful fruit from the works of your hands. Oh a new grand baby..what a joy!!! Yes, spring, such a wonderful time of year.

  11. Yay for the bids Kim! Made me happy too!

  12. Kim, I felt as though I walking right along beside you. Listening to the birds, trying to focus on the image off in the distant fog, admiring your flowers. How I would love to have a Date tree and a new baby granddaughter! Congratulations, spring is on it's way. Yes, I am still snowed in and more is headed our way, winter in Maine you gotta love it.


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