June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, January 3, 2011


I started a cat rug that Jacque sent. I did draw one myself,
but I am still to self-conscious to share it with the public. So I have
started. I find the hardest thing for me is choosing colors. Not to mention
ripping out and ripping out.

I wanted to show my table runner. This was just fun.
It made me happy the whole time I was stitching it up.
I think I finished it Christmas Eve so I wasn't ready to put it
away yet.

Here is the one of the snow men close up. I bought this pattern
maybe 6 or 8 years ago. I had bought my wool felt too but at the
time I didn't know where I would ever get anymore so I wouldn't let
myself cut it. I finally got over that. I guess you could say I am a hoarder
when it comes to material or cloth and now wool. I can hardly bring myself
to cut it and I have to take myself by the scruff of my neck to make projects.

I must have at least a yard of that blue and I am not going to run out, but
it was so hard. I am trying to get over that this year.

So that was some projects. One of my goals is to finish a project every week.
So we will see if I make it.

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  1. Kim,
    That is a very cute cat pattern. I'm so proud of you for starting. My advice - stop ripping out - just keep going.
    I am laughing about you not wanting to cut the fabric. I am the same way if I get a really pretty color of wool. I need to look at it for a few days (or weeks) before I cut it up.

  2. So cute...the snowman runner! You're a girl after my heart! :-) BTW, I started the book and am about 1/2 way. It is harder reading than her others I think, but Father Tim and Cynthia haven't changed! :-)

  3. Kim, I LOVE your table runner. That is the cutest. Snowmen are great for winter so you can enjoy him for a while. The rug will be so cute. Can’t wait to see all your projects. Hugs, Amy

  4. A hoarder of treasures, but look what you can make with them once you cut them up! :)

  5. I saw that the other day and thought it was so cute. I didn't know it was new! It's even more adorable in person.

    I like your idea of a project a week. I just love seeing your stuff. :)

  6. Well you have a great start on your cat rug. Keep hooking and it will all come together.
    Your snowman runner looks so fun...great way to dress up a winter table.

  7. Snowmen....are my absolute favorite!!!!

    Can't wait to see the finished rug:)

  8. Lovely table runner! And, I must say, I like your chairs. :) I can't find that style here anywhere!!

  9. I love it and that goal of yours!!!

  10. Yea...so glad I stopped by, I have started a project also! I probably won't get one done a week, but I am starting.
    I love your stuff...my mother has closets of material and her saying is whoever dies with the most material wins...she sews quilts for cancer patients.
    You are creative and talented...enjoy!!
    I am trying to be back into embroidery....need those glasses of yours. LOL
    Enjoyed and inspired

  11. I LOVE them both, but especially the table runner. You can leave snowmen out ALL winter, can't you? You are ambitious, creative, and inspiring. I have an embroidery project I can work on, and I just might dig it out today. Have a wonderful day. HUGS

  12. I love the patterns and the colors! I'm the same way about fabric...I have a "stash". It seems I enjoy the collection almost as much as the projects. But projects must be done here in 2011 as well!

  13. The cat design is so cute and should be easy enough to do. You can find some tutorial on You Tube from Gene Shepherd about hooking rugs. Relax and never mind doing it perfect. Just enjoy pulling those loops and the rest will come naturally. I'm so proud of you for trying it on your own.

    Your beautiful snowman is maybe the only snow your will get and he won't melt, so enjoy it for as long as you can. Hugs, JB

  14. I like your goal...very ambitious. I feel similarly. A day without a project is only a shadow of a day! :)

  15. Adorable runner you made. Snowmen are my favorite!!! Have a great day.

  16. I really like the table runner. There is blue all over my house. Love blue!


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