June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Caught Up On Thursday

Guess who is sitting? Yep, little miss Silkie herself.
I took her off the nest today and put her out in the yard
and closed the door to her coop. I picked her up and petted
her little white top knot and told her why, I did not
want her to sit and I was thinking of getting a Silkie
rooster and told her she would not be happy about it.
She remained unmoved and when the sun was going down
and I opened the door to her house, she went and got back
on her nest. Silly Chicken. I love all my chickens, I love
all of the different personalities but Silkies I think remain
my favorite breed, with Cuckoo Marans following a close
second. Oh woe is me I am dreaming of chicks.

These are pictures I took last year after a storm.
The weather man said we might not get anymore storms.
That kind of scares me to think of no more rain until next
November. Do you know how dusty it will be. I really hope
he is wrong.

I loved the way the sun looked in the picture. It had been dark
all day and then the sun came out and it just made the neatest
picture. One of the quotes I tell myself all of the time, when I get
afraid is Courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness
to do the thing we fear. (Keep a Quiet Heart, p 97) One of the things
I am so glad about being 52 is I don't have a very long life expectancy.
I know that sounds weird but the Insurance Company decided it and by
the statistics I can't get very much life insurance. (My Mom died at 30 and
my Dad at 67) So when I turned 50 most of my life is gone. So what
is left to fear? So being a pretty fearful person, I decided well if most of
my life is over why not live doing the things I have been afraid of, like
blogging for people to read and writing every day. Like taking pictures
and posting them. Like looking at cameras and reading about them and
making the plunge to learn to do things I might not have tried.

Telling stories so that my children would have a record of my
life. To keep making friends because life is to short to be a hermit.
Of which I am, really. I have to break out of the box I have
built around myself and sometimes it feels like it is made of
bricks so brick by brick I am tearing down the walls. The walls
of being afraid of what if someone steals my identity or what if
someone comes after my family all of the things that make me
So, When I started blogging, my mantra became, "Hanging onto good things can bar me from
God's best. Let go of your plans, Say, " Lord, I want You to run my life."
So as I struggle to let Him have my life to let him run it, I admit there are days,
I want to say, I will just turn off my computer and go away and never write again.
Then that still quiet voice always comes back to say, Did you not want me to run your life?
I will say yes, and He says, then Trust Me.
So I will continue to trust Him for the life I have been given and be faithful to
the gift I have been given and that is the wonderful gift of writing a blog each day.
No matter how embarrassed I am sharing this stuff out loud.



  1. Please don't be embarrassed....you have a very special gift. The way you write...straight from your heart, being transparent, being real.....that ministers to me. It encourages me, it makes me want to be more adventurous and creative, it makes me feel like we are friends who can be honest with each other. Reading your posts and finding your comments on mine is a highlight in my day...and that is the truth! :-)

  2. You do share a great deal of yourself with us in your posts. I don't think I'm as brave as you are. I know I'm not. You keep praying and smiling and we'll keep reading. :)

  3. if you turned off your computer, i would HUNT you down! :)
    i'm as big of a hermit as you think you are. i have to make
    myself appointments to get me out of the house. pitiful, i

    but blogging and visiting is bliss.

    sorry you had a bad day earlier. you threw a loaf of bread????

  4. I am so glad that you don't listen to yourself when you start thinking about quitting blogging Kim!! You share your heart, and I always leave inspired and so blessed.
    I love your little silkie too!!

  5. I think your life expectancy is a little better than the statistics say, because there were extenuating circumstances with grandma and grandpa. At the very least, you don't smoke. :-)

    I'm glad you're reaching out of your box. I enjoy your blog so much. And tell that silkie she just has to wait for a nice young husband!

  6. No, no, no....no quitting on us. Too many of us enjoy you and everything you write. Love your blog...love you!

  7. thought i'd drop by for a visit... love the fluffy white bird!! pretty :-)

  8. Awww, Silkie! She's so cute. Please don't plan on kicking the bucket anytime soon. Life expectancy? Please! Live off the charts, lady!I'm happy to have found a friend. No early departures, please, and no stopping your wonderful blog. The blog world needs quiet, thoughtful, friendly people like you to balance out nuts like me who photograph their draft horse's butt for a weightloss post! You share your faith in a gentle way that is so beautiful. The world needs more of that!

  9. Nothing you write is embarrassing! We all write what we feel at that moment and because you do - that is why we all come back to visit each day.
    I can relate to the hermit thing. I am convinced that once the golden girls are gone I will become a hermit.
    I have to admit I did giggle a little bit as I pictured you sitting and trying to explain things to "silkie". Cute!

  10. Isn't it a blessing to know that when we are in doubt about life that God always knows what He's doin'. Our job is just lettin' Him guide us.

    Your little silkie' is soooo cute. Ya can just see the personality oozin' out the picture.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a wonderful winter's day!!! :o)

  11. He’s right--keep on blogging. Don’t be embarrassed --we love reading your thoughts and about your life. It’s a blessing to us too. I absolutely love your Silkie-she’s so pretty. You’re thinking of getting her a roo huh? Oh I think that would be great--little Silkie babies :)


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