Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Random Thoughts.

The part of the garden that we still have are all of the peppers and the tomatoes. The peppers are going great guns and producing like crazy. This is just one plant there are many more plants just as loaded.
Standing out in the garden, I did not realize what a noisy community it was with all of the sunflowers sighing at the smallest breeze. Or the flocks of birds that were always talking and chattering. Even the old corn stocks made sounds like there were people out walking through them. Now when I am out there it is just silent. It makes me kind of sad because it seems so empty and even when I am out there I find myself shying away from the garden area, just because the silence is so deafening. I suppose I will get used to it. It seems like a very lonely place. What has always drawn me to the pasture was that time of solitude that I had, now I long for the sound of the wind making the sunflowers dance and sing as I went about my day. O well there is always next year.

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