Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blue and White Morning Glories

This is my first picture of the blue and white Morning Glories. I have some Moon Flowers in there too but I don't go out at night because I am afraid of running into a skunk. Then I haven't got up early enough in the morning to take one then, also afraid of a skunk who hasn't gone home to bed.
Not to mention seeing a hawk kill a dove and eat it with it's mate standing by watching. So I haven't been real wild about getting up real early to take a picture of Moon Flowers. Not to mention they are kind of creepy to me. They look like this except they are huge and have these really white creepy looking delicate flowers. They remind me of something you would see in a graveyard, if you were in the habit of visiting graveyards at night. I always thought I would like a garden with only night blooming flowers in it but after the little skunk fiasco I may wait on that. NO moonlight strolls for me.

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