Sunday, September 20, 2009

Clean Pasture

Kinda sad isn't it? All the flowers gone. But it is all clean and ready for new dreams. I should have taken pictures as we tore it out. Wow! what a ton of work. I am rethinking the whole planting sunflowers on the whole two acres now. I think maybe something more permanent. Like more trees. Then just a small plot of sunflowers. R. used his tractor to knock every thing down, then he brought out his garden shredder. Sunflowers have a smell like over-ripe pumpkin pie when they get shredded. All day yesterday, every thing I ate tasted like those shredded sunflowers smelled. I did feel sorry for all of the finches that have eaten all summer in the sunflowers, they sat up on branches and made these little questioning peeps, and it sounded like why? why? what will we do now? The bees were pretty upset too. They kept wanting to fight. We have such aggressive bees. I am going to have to think about getting them some food, for the winter.
So it is all clean and I am really glad that part of farming is finished.
So glad it is Sunday.

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