Thursday, September 17, 2009

I do finally have one tree changing color. I feel like a miser going around checking trees to see if they have any yellow or red leaves hiding in the green. I have found a couple of trees that are sneaking in the color but you have to look really close. It is only the 17th of September so I will let it slide. I hope that we get a early frost so that we could have a nice bit of fall. I remember once we were having a really green fall and I was talking to a lady from Ohio and I asked her had the leaves changed color yet and she said yes they had. I must have sounded really pitiful because when I opened the box of what ever I had ordered she sent a envelope of fall leaves. You know, I don't remember what it was I ordered that day, but I still have the envelope with the leaves that I still take out and look at and remember that sweet lady. Isn't it nice how sometimes a perfect stranger can bless you in a totally unexpected way. As Father Tim's says so often, " Lord, Let me be a blessing to someone today." I think that is a good Thursday thought.


Kessie said...

I never knew that! How sweet that she would send you leaves!

The trees will change eventually ... and it'll still be a million degrees. :-(

Farm Girl said...

Yeah it is, I have been telling myself, I have to clean my chicken coop. I just got back in the house at 4:00 after cleaning the nasty thing because it is going to be so much hotter this weekend. It is so funny, they remind me of how after I cleaned your rooms when you were little you just wanted to stay in them. Those silly hens couldn't wait to get back in the coop. But, now I have clean flower bed and a clean chicken house.