Monday, September 21, 2009

My Wreath

I have hung my first wreath of fall. I keep telling myself to wait until October, but I thought one won't hurt. One of the things that is nice about having two weddings at your house, is that I have so many wreaths left over. I can change them and make the different ones for each season. I guess when I run out of wreaths, it will be time for new weddings. :) It is a good thing I have so many left over, it will be a while yet.
I could call this post, a boring Monday morning post. My hay fever from taking out the sunflowers is making my mind so foggy.
So anyway, have a very blessed Monday.


Meg said...

Oooh what a pretty wreath! I can't wait for fall. Maybe hanging fall like decorations will make it come faster. ;)

Kessie said...

That's really pretty! It makes me want cooler weather so bad.

Hey, I noticed that you have a pretty border around all your pictures now. Are you doing image tweaking before you upload them? :-)

Farm Girl said...

Yep, found a cool site called picnic and it does the coolest stuff. I am just using the free version but the pay one is really cool.
My programmer said after looking at it and photoshop he liked it the best. :)So this morning post was the first all by myself.