Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

I am finally getting around to publishing this, I wanted to ask permission before I did it. This is E on her first day of school. She is enjoying it and likes all her teachers and her classes. She does come home tired though. I am glad she can drive herself and it isn't like if I was taking a 5 year old and dropping her off. I never did like that part.
I was watching one of my hens last night.

This one, and she has decided that the mothering thing has gone on long enough. So she stood up here and as each chick tried to jump up to her to sleep under her wing, she pecked them like a crazy person and then would knock them off onto the ground. The chicks have no idea why all of a sudden "Mom" had taken such a terrible dislike for them. They finally gave up and climbed in the nesting box and settled down.
I am so glad I have never had to peck my chicks in the head or knock them off the top of the roost. I am so glad they leave the nest on their own. :)
Happy Wednesday, or other wise known as Woden Day. (Guess what we are studying in History?)


Kessie said...

Hah, even chickens have a weaning process. Poor things. They'll get over it. And E looks very College. I like her book bag thing, it looks classier than a backpack.

Farm Girl said...

Yeah, I just hope her back holds out from walking so cock-eyed. If you could have seen the little war going on, but today she is acting like a nice little mom again, sharing food, calling them and hanging out with them. She really hates the other little hen though.

Meg said...

I totally have days like that....