Sunday, September 6, 2009


Can you see the bumble bee in the picture? One of my favorite bees is a bumble bee, I have been sad the last couple of summers because I didn't see very many. This year, with the gourds growing they have been around. I sit out by the spices and watch them every morning. I will be sad when summer is over and the bumble bees are gone. I didn't think they would like yellow flowers much because they seem to prefer purple. I have sat and watched how our honey bees are kinda bossy, the bumble bee will be minding it's own business in a flower and the honey bee will fly up and buzz the bumble bee and the bumble bee always flies off to another flower, but the honey bee didn't want that flower they are just power hungry because they can make the bigger bee leave. The bumble bee seems gentle. I am not going to get close enough, to see if that is a true statement though.
We have to check the hive today. I will see if I can juggle a camera and a bee smoker for some pictures. Our bees have been very angry these last few days so I think something is going on. I can't even get very close to the hive without getting warned off. It should be interesting.


Meg said...

I remember one year when we were doing park days, Morgan and I were running around and all of a sudden this big fat bumble bee smacked right into the middle of her forehead. The bee kind of tumbled back and then went on flying. I'm not sure who was more shaken up. :P

Farm Girl said...

I imagine it hurt to be hit with a bumble bee. They do kinda fly slow. They have almost hit me in the head when I am out there not paying attention.