May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simply Sunday

I was playing around Saturday. My husband was working
hard redoing the grout in the bathroom and I stayed
out of his way and I found this little program and no
one to ask for help but me and not being very good
with computers this is my first try.
I have been so scared I was going to break something
and never get it back but so far it works.
Click on each picture one at a time and it will
make it come in color. It takes awhile to load
but it was fun to see my own pictures with music
added. The music is old Phil Keggy that was on
this hard drive that the Smilebox found.
If I can figure out the ins and outs of this program,
I will be having so much fun.
Have a lovely Sunday.

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  1. Yup! I like Smilebox. A friend of mine visited our place and put together an on-line scrapbook of her visit here. I've used their programs to create collages of my photos and animal kids - I snip a copy of it as a photo collage without applying the music and interactive functions.

    You're going to have a lot of fun, I know! :)

  2. Love it Kim! You did great :) I like smilebox too but haven't gotten to use it that much yet. You have inspired me.
    Amy ~:>-

  3. Oh HOW neat!!!!! I love it! Good work:)))

  4. well I can tell you that I'M impressed! I tried to change the background of my blog one day and lost my whole blog for about 6 hours!! So... it looks like wavy red lines will be my permanent background, and here you are doing a whole 'nuther' thing! Good going... it was beautiful!

  5. I think what is fun is it makes my pictures look pretty. It is really easier to use than all of the others I have tried. We will see what will happen when I don't feel like I am going to break my blog because I have done that too and I changed my background and it took me at least 3 weeks to get it back to normal. I want to try to change my background for Christmas but I am still a bit afraid. Who ever thought I would be doing this stuff, not me!!!
    My son pretended to wipe away a tear and said " Oh it is so hard when the grow up."
    He always helps me fix my broken things. :)

  6. Good for you...trying something new! I'm like you in that I am always afraid I'll click the wrong thing and wipe out something important. My daughter keeps telling me it is safe to try, but it still makes me nervous. Pictures are pretty and the special effects.... well, they are SPECIAL! Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. Gosh, I remember when Dad was trying to learn to play that song. He'd practice it every night. And now it's totally old hat for him. :-)

    I hope you do some more with Smilebox! That's really neat. See, you're getting more tech savvy every day!

  8. That was great fun, Kim! And, I'm proud of you for trying it...and it actually works! YAY! Those pictures are gorgeous, by the way.

  9. How creative are you!!! You really give me the creative nudge...this was fun and I enjoyed.
    Have a wonderful Lord's day!

  10. Oh I loved this...soo pretty....I really enjoy smilebox and have used it many times. But I have never seen this particular thing. I am going to have to check it out. I can soo relate too to being afraid you will mess something up. I honestly can't believe the things I have figured out how to do since I started blogging. And 2 of my grown sons have helped me many times with various different issues and problems too, haha...It was kind of a joke around here for a while with them saying, "Oh no, it's mom AGAIN with some kind of computer problem...maybe we should just take it away from her.." haha Have a wonderful Sunday. BLESSINGS


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