June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedneday Words for Weight Loss

It is Wednesday today. We have another beach day.
Cloudy and cool but the clouds do burn off around noon.
Then the day is beautiful. The air is sweet and there is a
gentle breeze.

I am linking with Patrice today for Wednesday Words for Weight Loss.

Here are this weeks questions.

1. Can you resist Easter candy?Yes, most of the time. I will admit to having a weakness
for jelly beans and Cadbury Mini Eggs. I am though like a drunk if I take one I will crave
them and they will call my name and then I will sneak up stairs and find the kids candy
and demolish the baskets. So I have learned do not even take one. I hate when
something has that much power over me.

2. Have you ever purchased a piece of exercise equipment? Yes, sadly, I bought a
rowing machine. Used it a few times and this was in the early days when I didn't
like to sweat. Then we bought a Solo flex. It ended up being used for a clothes
hanger. Then we bought a treadmill. Something was wrong with it as I would
think I was going into cardiac arrest when ever I got on it. The best equipment
I have ever owned have been my feet and tennis shoes. Walking has been the one
that I enjoy the most. Oh and my iPod. I love my iPod and I don't know how
I ever lived without one.

3. When you're in a store, do you use the escalator/ elevator or do you take the stairs?
Well, if I am by myself I always take the stairs, just because I hate wasting time waiting
for the elevator. If I am with my kids, and we are in a store with a escalator, we always take
a few rides and ride up and down as far as they go. I just enjoy running up and down stairs to
see how fast I can make it to the top.

4. Do you promise yourself anything as an incentive to lose weight?
No, not anymore. I know I won't ever loose weight until I make it through
this time in my life. I belong to a web site called Women to Women and they have
pretty much explained to me why I don't loose weight, but that I will once my body
gets through this period of life. It is a hormonal issue. Once I am normal??? as long
as I keep exercising and watch what I eat, they tell me it will all come off after my
body finally adjusts. That is what they keep saying.

5. Is there a friend you haven't heard from in a long time that you'd like to connect with?
I don't think so, I sat here and thought about that question. I think I know pretty much
between facebook, texting and the blog and the telephone and email. I stay pretty well connected. I love texting just because I like the instant way to be able to send a message,
and say," I am praying for you" or" what are you doing?" So that is one thing that
makes it easier to stay in touch.

Well, there is this week's questions.
I hope that today your Wednesday is well, Wonderful!


  1. I completely, 100%, without question understand your answer to number 1--as long as I don't have the first whatever it is, I'm ok. That's one reason I wonder if my overeating is more like an addiction. And number 4- if I make promises they become saboteurs.

  2. Good morning! Yes I too can totally relate to #1. If I don't get started I am fine, but if I do....total nightmare. I bought some jelly bellies to have while Mel was here as she loves them so and I used to have them in this sweet little bunny dish during the season when she lived here and I knew she would expect to find it. I did good for the first 4 days, and then...I started...sigh....I ended up sending them home with my grandkids. I am soo weak! I think I may have bought the vitamins etc. from the women to women for a few years. They were great, and did seem to help. Oh the joys of womanhood. Have a good day Kim! HUGS

  3. you made me laugh - i can just picture you as "The Grinch Who Stole Easter!" :)

  4. Haha, I'm that way about cadbury mini eggs, too. Right at the end of the Easter buildup, I buy a bag of them, stick them in the freezer, and make them last until August.

  5. :))
    I can never resist Easter "food";)
    And if you want to get rid of your rowing machine....I need another clothes hanger;)

  6. You made me laugh....Enjoy the Easter weekend and all the treat that go with it...
    Take care, Nancy

  7. Stealing candy from children??? Oh Miss Kim, I am shocked and appalled! LOL

  8. Kim you are such a strong woman to have this addiction under control. I can't for the life of me picture you steeling candies from the little kid. lol.

    I can picture you dressed in a Easter Bunny costume with long dangly ears, holding an Easter basket, hopping outdoors around the fruit trees looking for Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs. He, he... JB

  9. Oooooh jelly babies. Mmmmmm.

    Can't stop - off to find the bag I hid on the kids ;)

  10. Hi Kim, I sooo relate to taking the first piece of candy, or cake, pie anything sweet. Once I have tasted it I will not rest until it is all gone. lol As a matter of fact I related to all of the answers to your questions. lol.
    Always such a blessing to visit and to learn more about you dear friend.

  11. Hope you are felling better today! Our TN kids are coming tomorrow night...others coming Friday and Sat. I may not get around much, so I hope you have a wonderfully blessed Easter! I am thanking God for you today.....you are dear to me! :-)


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