June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dishwashers and Stuff

I got my new dishwasher today. Since my birthday is almost
here, I guess you could say Happy Birthday to me. It is a nice dishwasher
it smells nice and clean, sort of like a new car smell.

I thought I would tell you the story of all of the things that happened today.
The dishwasher delivery man told me on Friday that the dishwasher
would be in either Tuesday or Wednesday. I of course hoped it would
get here on Tuesday but it didn't. He called on Wednesday morning.
To say I was on the edge of my seat would be an understatement.
I got up this morning feeling like it was Christmas.

I have bought all of my appliances from this man and his family for 30 years
My family and my husband's family have bought theirs as well. So we kind
of go back a long ways.
Today when he got here I answered the door and Sasha the dog is always
very polite and well mannered, well except when it is babies and she wants
to kiss everyone. When the man got here she stood in the door with the hair
raised on her back, growling and not moving from in front of the door.
He stepped back and I grabbed her collar and took her to my bedroom and
shut the door.

He went in the kitchen to take the old dishwasher out. I stood there and he pulled
it out and set it to the side. He went out to get the new dishwasher and I thought,
" I can get a wet rag and I can clean all underneath the old dishwasher and it will be all
nice and clean."
I got the rag went and started wiping and not really noticing that he had disconnected
the water and that water is now running out from under my sink onto the floor.
I grabbed some dish rags and started trying to stop the water that was running out from under
the sink. I was trying to hurry because after all of this time I know he goes back and tells
people about this nutty lady who makes him wait while she cleans everything.

He came in as I was trying to get the floor all mopped in front of the sink because of the water.
He doesn't say much but patiently waits. I get finished and he puts the new dishwasher
in the place where the old one was and then he takes the old dishwasher to the
door, which he tells me that I must have had something eating the insulation on the
old dishwasher because as he drags it out it is leaving a trail of fuzzy stuff that looks
like I shaved a cat. The dishwasher must have had water in it as it
mixes with the cat hair looking junk. I grab more dish rags and start trying to clean
that up.

My dryer is only two years old and the whole time I have had it it has had this
squeak. It sounds like a bird that never shuts up and I can hear it all over the house.
My normal repairman told me it was all in my head. I had told this guy and he said
he would look at it. So he took my dryer apart and it was full of lint. I asked if I could
vacuum it out and he just smiled and said okay. This is the vacuum that the handle won't
stay up so I am very careful about not letting him see how the handle doesn't work.
I put the hose on it to clean up the lint and the first suck of the hose plugs up the
vacuum. I get a wire coat hanger and try that, I get a chopstick and try that, I
got the screwdriver and tried that and I just resorted to cleaning up the lint with my hands.
I never did get the thing unplugged so I will need to go see the repairman with my vacuum.

The back door was open and there was a nice breeze so it blew the chewed up insulation
all over the place. All of the dish towels in the drawer were dirty so I had to do a load
of wet laundry and thankfully the upright part of the vacuum worked so I was able to
get it all cleaned.

The dish washer works nice and I am very thankful for it. I can't wait to cook
lots and lots.
I just thought I would let you know how my day went today.



  1. Wow, you sure had a fun day. Enjoy the new dishwasher.

  2. Okay, that is hilarious. The lint plugged up the vacuum that fast? I wonder if that guy just laughed, or if he sees weirder things all the time. Grats on the new dishwasher!

  3. LOL! Oh gosh, there's always a good story to go along with whatever you do. If you weren't already blogging, I would say you should write a book! I'm so glad you got your new dishwasher, I hope you get to bake lots too. :)

  4. Oh Kim sorry but this is not only soo funny, it soo sounds like me. My new dishwasher (not even 1 year yet) is not running as I type this. Soo frustrating....It isn't even run everyday. When I think of the old trusty one I had for years and years at my old house that did HUGE loads everyday it just makes me sad. Guess I will be calling the repair man tomorrow. I "think" it is still under warranty, but now where did I put that? Hope you have a good evening! HUGS

  5. Ohmygosh, Kim...I am laughing and shaking my head...only you. Yup. You're the only one I know who goes through this type of thing. Cracks me up! Sorry, but it does.

    When is your birthday?

  6. oh boy. the crazy cleaning person strikes again! hope you can get your vaccuum cleared up and you might be back in business!

  7. What a day, you are just hilarious!
    Congratulations on the new dishwasher...

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. You made me laugh! :-) You certainly know how to tell a story! Happy about your new dishwasher...hope it serves you well for a long time. So, is the dryer still chirping or did he fix it?

  9. Now that is a day and a half in one! Those are the kinds of things that happen to me. What I read about you is your are resourceful, which is unique these days. I hope you have this dishwasher for a long time. It can be "part" of your birthday present. When is your birthday?

  10. Yup, that totally sounds like it could have been at my house! But you kind of killed two birds with one stone---you got a new dishwasher and got your floors cleaned!
    Hehehehe (sorry)

  11. I'm glad you got a new dishwasher. I have a special bond with mine!

  12. Oh glad to know others have days like mine...and I am glad you now have a dishwasher. Now everything is back in order and ready to be your new servant.

    Fun post...so life!

  13. I asked the installers (when they brought my new refrigerator) if everybody's floor looked like mine did when they pulled the old one away...he just smiled and said "yes"! :) Enjoy!!

  14. Kim, you REALLY SHOULD WRITE A BOOK about all the funny things that happens to you. Your husband must have a good laugh most every day when he comes home. Too funny. Have a great day and enjoy your dishwasher. Hugs, JB

  15. Happy dishwasher and pre-Happy Birthday!!!

  16. I laughed all the way through this post Kim, as it was like reliving my episodes with repairmen and new appliances. I am so glad you have got your new dishwasher, and it is waiting for you to fill it. Enjoy Enjoy.
    Thanks for the prayers I have needed it as I have been so busy.

  17. I too love cleaning up under appliances when they are pulled out, so don't think you are weird, or at least we both are. :) Housekeeping really isn't my thing, it is just too good an opportunity not to clean when that area is available.

    Sounds like a typical day to me, one thing to another, and each with it's own little kink. Comforting to know that your days are much the same.


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