June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, April 4, 2011

Today on Tuesday

Did I happen to mention I am really liking the mowed grass.
I love the green and every time I look outside I am so relieved.
I love the way the sun was on the green. This is my back yard.
I don't take many pictures of it. It has the kids play house and the swing set
and the sand box and of course my chickens. I thought I would have
this really fancy yard someday in the back. It is like all of the other
houses I have lived in, it is just for animals and kids.

I haven't ever really done this before. I was wondering
if I could leave a prayer request in this post. I am trying to write
and this is all I have thought about, so I thought I would share it.

My daughters due date is April 9th or the 12th. Today at her doctors
visit the doctor told her to come in on April 7th because she wants to induce
her. The doctor and staff are going on vacation.
She doesn't want to be induced and she is never late or hasn't been the
other two times.
I found a copy of a Pregnant Woman's rights and gave them to my daughter.
The baby is not in any distress. The pregnancy has been normal.

I guess I am asking that God would protect the baby, and my daughter and that
she would go into labor naturally and that all would be fine.

I know it will be okay, it is just being a Mom and a grandmother, makes me
not think as clearly as I would wish.

Thank you, I didn't want to say anything but what kept going around and around in
my head was that I have not because I ask not. So I thought I would just
ask, and I thank you so much.



  1. Daily Light for today had the verse about "be anxious for nothing, but with prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God". It made me feel much better.

  2. How does your daughter feel about this? Is she worried? Or would she rather have the baby when the doctor and his staff are in town and available rather than with an associate or someone on call? I know you're worried - as any mom would be - I hope all will be okay.

  3. Kim, I'll keep your daughter in my prayers. I pray that God's will be done.

    Your yard looks so nice. Hugs, JB.

  4. For both you and Kessie: They can't FORCE her to be induced. Tell them no, sorry, but this baby isn't on THEIR schedule thank you very much and you can shove your want to mess with nature, just to make your vacation smoother, where the sun don't shine. They were going to induce me with Duder on Monday, just to make their lives easier, and I "magically" went into labor Friday night. It pisses me off something awful that they want to induce every woman now just because the stupid doctor doesn't want to come in at 3 in the morning. Notice how they always schedule inductions for 8 in the morning, or some other "convenient" time. Tell them NO. And if they're out of town when she goes into labor there are PLENTY of other doctors at the hospital that can deliver a baby, I'm sure. Heck, she can do it herself if she really wants to.

    .... /End rant. >.>

  5. I will keep you in thoughts and prayers!

  6. I will pray for a calm, happy Grandma and a safe natural delivery for Baby and Momma. I might also say a little prayer for the health system which needs a little divine intervention!

  7. I will be praying for your daughter and you. Things will work out the way they are supposed too. She and baby will be fine. B

  8. First of all, I LOVE your backyard. What a wonderful place it looks like for both kid and pet, haha....And next, I'd love to pray about this for you. Trust me I know how your feeling right now, and the good part is so does the Lord. He loves that new little life too. I think it should have been presented to your daughter as a definite "option"...Obviously, the doc has to vaca too so he should have simply said, "I am going to be on vacation during the time you are do so if you feel strongly about MY delivering your baby. let's induce...otherwise the doc on call can handle it all beautifully." I am pretty sure he cannot MAKE her do it. So the question becomes is she not comfortable with someone else delivering, or would she rather induce and get him?? I am sorry that his vacation falls during "her time"...soo frustrating...but either way I am sure she will be just fine. Let's pray that she just goes into labor on her own BEFORE he ever leaves...Such an exciting time for you all...HUGS, Debbie

  9. Praying for each of you during these very special days, for God's perfect timing and for peaceful hearts for moms and grandmas.


  10. First time blog reader here.....love yours! As a mother who was induced twice, I LOVED IT! I'm pretty sure they can't force her to be induced, but if she feels strongly that she wants her particular Dr. to deliver, then that might be the way to go.....

  11. Praying for you, and your daughter, Dear Friend.
    I think if a doctor is going to be away he should have some one to cover for him. I can certainly understand yours and her concern. My prayer is for God's will to be done in this decision. I know that it will be perfect and on time.....
    Your yard is so green and pretty, a perfect place for the grandkids and kids to play.
    Much love

  12. Kim ~

    Good morning...praying that the Lord would be the one to "induce" her labor in His perfect timing and that she would have peace as well as a natural, uneventful {birth of course is an event :-)} labor and delivery. Blessed to pray with you for your daughter.

    In Him ~

  13. I will be praying...I think you stopped by and saw the video from my pastor on prayer...He expressed the same thing you have asked and I am petitioning the throne with your request. The words from that video have stayed with me as I push in more in my prayer life.

  14. Oh Kim, I will be praying for you all. She has to do what her heart and God are telling her is right. I know it will all work out fine.

  15. I forgot to say--your husband is so right. Steven Covey talks about the quadrants in life and the ones your husband is referencing he would call important/not urgent. Unfortunately --still very important :)
    Hugs, missed you!


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