Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedneday Words for Weight Loss

It is Wednesday Words for Weight Loss today.
Which in my case is big time denial of weight loss.
I have been going just by how my clothes fit and ignoring
the scale. I can wear all of my clothes right now so who
cares about the other part, right?
So lets get to the questions that Patrice works so hard to
think up week to week.

1. Are you happy with your recent attempts at healthy eating?
I think so working till I drop works good because knowing I have to get up
and go get something to eat or just sitting like a vegetable because I am to sore
to move works wonders.

2. Do you ever put off things because you don't want to do them unless you look/feel better?
No, I am pretty much the damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead kind of person. I live in
one of the country's worse rated air quality places. I don't notice how bad I feel until we get
out of the valley and up above the air pollution. Or when we go to the beach and then
I feel really good, so because of that if I waited to feel good, well I never would.

3. Did you get all dressed up for Easter when you were a kid?
Yes, drove me nuts, my Mom would load us in the car and drive to Montgomery Ward,
and I would have to try on all of these dumb dresses, and white patent leather shoes
and even gloves when I was really young, and in school I would make some kind of
Easter hat out of crepe paper and paper plates and we would go to church on Easter
Sunday and then we would come home and go next door to my Grandmother's house
where this huge family dinner would be and then we would hunt Easter eggs with all of my
cousins. I loved Easter, just not the dressing up part.

4. Do you have more of an appetite in warm weather or cold weather? Cold weather
I don't really like to eat when it starts getting hot unless it is watermelon. I could eat
watermelon until the world looked level.

5. Have you done anything this past week that you could describe as "being kind to yourself"?
I have had a very nice week this week, I have gone outside in the early morning and
have walked around and taken pictures. I even hired my son to use the weed eater on the
weeds I haven't chopped. That is a biggie for me. My husband has never to my told me not
to do something, well only once and that was when he told me not to get a dog, and I got a dog.
Monday morning, he totally forbid me to chop anymore weeds. He told me
that I scared him to death one day when he came home from work, I guess I looked bad.
But it was the day, when I was answering my phone and I was going to sit in the yard to talk
and my son thought I was having a stroke or a heart attack and I didn't like seeing the fear
on his face.
So this week, I have puttered around and it has felt really nice. I have been trying to tame
a wild kitty that was living in the kids playhouse. The kids have named her Hobo Kitty,
she is so frightened that I have been doing that and I really enjoy taming animals.
So thank you so much for doing this today so I could wander all over the place in my mind.
Stop by and see Patrice, she has a cute story today about Wendall her horse.
Have a great Wednesday!


Kim said...

I always got those frilly lacey dresses for Easter too. And patent leather shoes. It's funny now, but I hated it at the time. I'm happy you are not chopping weeds anymore. Just the fact that you scared your husband and son means you were working waaay to hard.

TexWisGirl said...

didn't know about the air pollution in your valley. that must make being outside and chopping weeds even more terrible for you!! yes, let your son do it!!!

good luck with the hobo kitty! hopefully your dog won't run her off!

Meg said...

I was so happy when I saw W. going to buzz the weeds. I'm glad you aren't doing anymore! Is Hobo Kitty any nicer today? She was a very pretty little kitty.

Debbie said...

Glad you are taking it a little easier this week. SUCH hard work for sure! BIG watermellon lover over here too..can't ever seem to get enough! Watching for news on that new grandbaby! HUGS

Denise said...

Boy did you take me back when you were describing Easter, I remember the gloves but what I really like was the little white purse that I was able to get!

Carol............. said...

Your photos of flowers are very pretty!

no spring chicken said...

So, you answered the question ~ Did you get dressed up for Easter when you were a kid. I'm curious ~ do you dress up for Easter now? I try to look nicer than usual. But, I rarely dress up! I'm a comfortable sorta gal, unlike my sister in law who loves fashion and uses any occasion to re-outfit from head to toe. (She really does look great, by the way)...grrr
Blessings, Debbie

Julia said...

Kim, you are doing the right things, not minding the scale and go by the way your cloths fit and let someone young and strong cut the weeds for you.

When I was a kid we were too poor to have new clothes at Easter so we just made sure that our clothes were clean and fresh. No new shoes either. My mom just made some special baking for Easter and we went to church on Easter morning. We were content just to all squeeze in a car for the long ride to church. JB

Sue said...

Hi Kim, I don't use the scales, and just go by how my clothes fit. And like you I am a cold weather eater, that is why I usually gain weight in winter. But with all the hard work you have been doing, and burning the calories, you could have eat anything you
Thanks for the childhood memory . It was a done deal for us ..., we always got new outfits for Easter. I couldn't tell you the last time I bought a new outfit for Easter.
I don't know how I missed your last post, I am so glad you are feeling better. I have been praying.

Miss Debbie said...

You have a wise husband...his words about the mower and his words about you weeding! I'm so glad he is taking care of you!

Patrice said...

I really like damn the torpedoes type people! I also love watermelon. We grow lots of them for out business. My #3 daughter can ALWAYS pick a ripe one from the field. Hubby and I make guesses and don't always end up with ripe ones.