June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Simply Sunday

I thought I would check in for a bit this morning.
I have learned a bunch from watching babies. I want
to go on record saying that I am so proud of my girls.
They take care of toddlers all day and they manage to
feed their families from scratch, keep the house clean,
keep the kids clean, they manage to have thoughts enough
to blog and to take pictures. They even have hobbies that
they keep up on. I am so amazed at them and the grace in which they
do it.
Me on the other hand, well, not so good. I made coffee one morning
without putting coffee in the place where you put coffee. So it
was hot clear water.
I ran and never really managed to get anything done. We had
to call out for pizza because it was dinner time and it never
even crossed my mind that we would need to have dinner
at some point.
I hate to admit I even used the T.V. for entertainment purposes.
Yep, I parked them in front of it so I could rest.

Blogging, if I had little ones in the house full time, forget blogging,
for one thing, I never would have a single original thought. I never
even thought of holding a camera.

Maybe the most powerful lesson I learned was don't watch Toy Story 3
with your grand kids on the day your daughter has had a baby. I had
never seen it before, just because my older kids said it was so sad.
I thought I was going to be able to take it. Nope, I started crying
at the beginning and cried all the way until Woody says " So long partner."

It didn't help that I let them go through the toy boxes that morning to
get some new toys to bring in the house when on top of the toy box
was Woody all crumpled just like in the movie.

So just some thoughts that I have had. My daughter posted pictures
of the baby here. Carrolls All Year.
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Our class at school was rewarded with a movie this year. Toy Story 3. I cried my eyes out. I told my husband who is so sentimental that he shouldn't watch it. Soooo I haven't watched it again. You raised great kids!!!

  2. Yes it sounds like you have done your job well. Organized, productive, respnsible kids...The baby is just darling....can't wait for my new one over here...I too cried my eyes out on Toy Story 3...it was soo good. And your right...I don't know how these mama's with little ones do it. I never could. Have a wondergful Sunday! HUGS

  3. Well Kim, like I said you may borrow my excuse, and blame everything on menopause, works every time and gets you lots of love!
    I have been wanting to see pictures, and didn't realize the link you had posted. (Menopause).lol Thanks for sharing.
    Your daughters have had a very good teacher and example.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. And who said I don't use TV as a baby sitter too? ;)

  5. oh, i haven't seen toy story 3 yet!!! dang it!


  6. I cried at the movie, too. I thought my son would laugh at me, but he is tender hearted...so maybe he was choked up, too! Listen, while I was in Tenn, the girls and I ate pizza, fish sticks ans chicken nuggets!! We spent our time playing, not cooking. I think enjoying time with them is what is important. I know you are loving them and they are loving being with you :-)

  7. I forgot to say, I looked at the pictures.....she is precious! I know are anxious to get your hands on her!

  8. Ummm...they must have learned wonderfully from you. You - after all- ARE their mother:))))))

  9. Kim, you may feel like you are in a haze now but it will pass. We all go through that at one time in our lives, just don't worry and take it one day at a time. Having to look after toddlers is a job for the young but sometimes we have to give a hand.

    Your new granddaughter is so sweet and beautiful, thanks for letting us see her. The small brother and sister are cute also. What a blessing they must be . JB

  10. Now I'm gonna have to watch Toy Story 3. I will never forget being a little girl and watching Old Yeller for the first (and only) time. Auntie and I were crying hysterically and Mom and my grandparents were having a fit. Its funny now.
    I hope you are less frazzled now.

  11. I used to be able to do so much more...and keep it all together. Now, however, it's a differnt story! My sister reminds me that "Multi-tasking is not a fruit of the Spirit!" :)

    Enjoy your precious grand children!


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