Friday, April 15, 2011

Farm Friend Friday

Today is another day of Farm Friend Friday with
Verde Farms and Dandelion House. I have been
visiting some of the ladies who have linked there
and I have already had a nice morning meeting,
really nice people and some really nice blogs.
If you have a chance go by and visit I am sure you
will be blessed.

It is Friday again. Unlike other Fridays my Easter
vacation starts today. Hooray!!! All it means really
is that I don't do school from 9 to 12 everyday.
I get to putter around without racing the clock.

This is all of the drip line that will be connected tomorrow.
My husband laid it out last night so that today it can
get warm in the sun and be more pliable.
There is a lesson in there isn't there? I just noticed it.
In order for me to be more pliable, I need to be warmed
by the Son. Without Him I am brittle, hard, and unbending.
Wow, what I love about gardening, little gems all around me.

So then I should be planting seeds this weekend.
I found this little blurb the other day in one of my old
" Plantin' Time"

Whut we hill people calls th' "dark of th' moon" is th'
time frum full moon to th' new---or th' shrinkin' of th' moon.
Th' other half of th' season, frum th' new moon to th' full, is
knowed as th' "light of th' moon".

Now plants thet grow underground, sech as 'taters, turnips,
onions, an' so forth had orta be planted in th' dark of th'
moon or they'll all "go to tops". Beans, peas, tomaters an'
sech, thet have their crop 'bove th' ground shud be planted
th' light of th' moon. Taters had orta be dug in the' light of th'
moon or they'll rot.

Beans shud't be planted till after tn' furst whipporwill hollers, an
shud be planted in th' mornin'---not th' evenin'.
Th' best plantin' time fer lettuce is 'bout February 14th. Cucumbers
shud be planted 'bout May1st, watermelons 'bout May 10th, and
turnips' bout July 25th.

My grandparents always planted that way, and
they always had better gardens than my folks who
thought the old ways were nuts. I have learned myself,
that some time old ways are better and I seem to get
better results with the old, time tested ways.

I was out taking pictures this morning and I looked down
in my flowerbed and this is what I saw.

Hobo kitty watching me.
I hope you have a lovely Friday Thanks once again
to the ladies at Verde Farms and Dandelion House for
a link up party.



Patrice said...

Have a great weekend!
Hugs- Patrice

Debbie said...

Enjoyed this as always! Have a wonderful week-end AND break from school...Isn't the weather wonderful?? HUGS

Meg said...

Yerp, thassa way Im'r gun do it too.

Hehe. My 'bove ground plants are goin in this weekend, then come Monday when the moon starts to go dark I'll put in my taters and radishes and such. I just chopped up my seed taters today. I'm very excited! Here's to fruitful gardens this year!

Kim said...

Those gardening instructions were funny. I agree that most of the time the old ways are better.
So, I assume since Hobo Kitty (love that name btw) has made an appearance on the blog 2 days in a row, that he/she is now officially family!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Wow! Aren't these old gems fantastic! And I loved your 'needing to be warmed by the Son' illustration...
(Sorry, but with my phobia of er.... these 4-legged animals that I cannot mention, the latter photos were quickly run through. Now, I'll have to get the girls to check through posts before I read!)

Kessie said...

Oh boy, gardening, here you come! Those old-timey instructions are really interesting. It'll be neat to see if they really do work. :-)

TexWisGirl said...

love that 'country way' of spellin' and talkin'. :) hi little hobo kitty!!! i really liked your analogy of yourself to the drip line - getting pliant in the sun/son. :)

mariel said...

love the "laying in the Son" illustration!! :) gonna go get myself more pliable too ;) hugs to you friend...have a blessed weekend!

Alica said...

Very interesting planting instructions!
I love the pictures of your beautiful flowers...makes me anxious for summer...I just am uncovering perennials this week...some are barely peeking through yet!

Julia said...

Kim, sorry that I didn't get a chance to get to your blog yesterday. It was a very busy day and night for me.

I had to reread the planting instructions to try to make sense of it. I know that it doesn't pay to rush some of the tender crops and the earlier you plant the more weeds you get. I trust the old folks because they were more a tuned than we are to nature because they had to pay attention and weren't distracted by compute s and all that technology and shopping till you drop kind of stuff.

I think that we all need to get warmed up by the Son go get the i out of it. (sin) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. JB