June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It is a beautiful morning here today, the day before
Easter. The day calls me to stay outside and my problem
is where to start first. Days like today I am so thankful
for life and spring and all that I have been given.

Last week was the Friday sew in and I am only a week
late but I finally did finish what I was working on.
It is a little ditty from Primitive Betty's
She really does have my favorite little projects to do.
They always make me happy.

I thought that since Easter is tomorrow I needed to finish
it up. It isn't that big but it still took me a month to finish it.
I hung it in my kitchen.

I also rearranged the house yesterday, and as my son
was carrying furniture back and forth inside and outside,
He looked at me and said, " You know in a week, I am going
to have to move it all back." I just laughed but he is a good

I moved my bench into my living room with that catty-
corner wall. It is okay for now I think. I still love my star
board. I usually get sick of things that I made that I stare at all of the time
but I still really like that one. I have even been thinking of making
one on a smaller size and also doing a hooked rug like it. I really do
like those shapes.
Here is a close up of my bench.

I will be working on the porches today. Not to mention
weeding some more. So it will be a wonderful day.
I hope your day is wonderful too.



  1. porches and weeding sound like outside kind of stuff, so enjoy it!!!

  2. I love your star board too. And that little postcard pillow on the bench is sweet. It reminds me of a beach towel I had as a kid that was a postcard.

  3. I doubled clicked on your bench and fell in love with you embroided pillows. Lovely!! Have a productive day puttering in your yard. It's raining here today so I'll be giving my house a much needed cleaning. Have a wonderful Easter with your family.

  4. your easter sewing project is adorable! love your cozy corner, have a happy easter!

  5. That Easter piece is dang cute, Kim! Betty designs such sweet pieces. I am not one for moving my furniture around, but I think it's fun when others do it. Sounds like you have a full day planned.

  6. Great new Easter stitching...I also love Betty's quick projects....Great job...Have a great Easter weekend and have fun with the weeds today...
    Take care, Nancy

  7. It makes me laugh you rearrange so much. I love your little Easter pillow. I hope you have a good weekend!

  8. Don't do it very much anymore but I use to constantly move my furniture around A LOT too, haha...My older sister still does and we are always teasing her about it. I do like a fresh new "look"...sounds like you have a nice day planned...ENJOY it!

    Oh! And I LOVE the bench and everything on it...super cute.


  9. Today I have grandiose plans that I have not yet accomplished. I just took a nap instead. :-p

  10. Those irises are just stunning! It was a nice day here too and we ate outside. It is suposed to rain the rest of the week. So tired of that. But at least for today...we enjoy it!! Happy Easter Kim!!

  11. Kim, I love that little Easter cross stitch and your star wall hanging is really well done. It's nice seeing you so happy. I'm off to church again. Happy Easter. JB

  12. I will take that bench any day now, so beautiful. I always admire how you are able to accomplish so much. The cross stitch is beautiful too Kim.
    May this Easter be filled with many blessings for you and your beautiful family.

  13. Oh Kim your home is so lovely and everything is in it's place. Did you make the star board? wonderful idea! You have lovely weather and flowers and today I have rain and snow showers, I hope the Easter Bunny owns a pair of snow shoes! Have a wonderful Easter Day with your beautiful family. Thinking of you and sending blessings. BTW did you get a new dish washer? I just replaced my kitchen faucet, it sprayed right out the top!!! A flaw in the faucet.

  14. You pulled me in with those irises! Mine are just now showing signs of foliage growth so trying to stay patient. Happy to haver found your blog and look forward to following along

  15. I love the bench, and everything on it. I envy all you talented ladies who make such beautiful things. O well, I get a glimpse of the beauty on your blog, and that perks me up for the day! x


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