Monday, April 11, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Today I am linking to the Simple Woman's Daybook.

It seemed like a nice thing to do today on the Monday morning.


Outside My Window... It is going to be another beautiful spring day,
The sun is coming up, and the sky is tinted pink. The trees are lacy
with the brand new leaves. The breeze is making the leaves
shimmer in the early morning light. I am so thankful for this day.

I am thinking...That I wish I could stay outside all day. I wish that
the work in the house was all done so I could sit and watch chickens
and read a book and sew and dream. Maybe later after school...

I am thankful for...for all of the blessings the Lord has so graciously given
me and my family. My cup does overflow. I am thankful for the new day
that I have to start over with this morning.

From the learning rooms...I have learned that there are days when it
looks like not a lot got done but that in life we are told not to despise the
little things. I think that when we look back we see huge things that
happened and we don't remember each tiny thing that got us there.

From the kitchen...My husband is in the kitchen fixing his breakfast,
I need to be in there fixing his lunch. Instead of writing all of these
pithy thoughts. :)

I am wearing...My workin' clothes, sweatpants and a red and white
striped shirt with my running shoes.

I am creating...I am going to be drawing out the diagram for my
garden today. Tonight when my husband gets finished with
his day job, we are going to start putting the drip lines in the garden
and getting it ready to plant.

I am going...clean the kitchen, and all of the bathrooms and vacuum
the house and take something out for dinner, and go take care
of the chickens and take the dog for a walk.

I am reading...Inside the Revolution, by Joel C. Rosenberg, Savannah
Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews, Country Gardens, The Bible,
The 3 Investigators series by Alfred Hitchcock,

On my mind...How is my daughter doing this morning, my grand-kids,
getting school finished, taking next week off, Tomorrow is our 31st
anniversary, what am I going to do to celebrate it.

Around the house...getting ready to start living on the porches
instead of living in the house. It will be time for me to start rearranging

One of my favorite things...How beachy the day feels today. All I need
is the sound of the surf and it would be just like an early morning at the beach.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Taking a trip to a White Forest
that is a plant nursery. Going and buying some flowers I saw at Lowe's
that I can't get off my mind. Planting my garden, and being thankful.

Small window into my life... This is how big
our apricots are today. This is a early apricot tree
and even with no bees the tree is loaded. I am
so thankful for the fruit and wild orchard bees.

Thank you for stopping by to read my daybook.
It is nice to be able to get up this morning and
be thankful it is Monday.
Have a lovely day.


Julia said...

What a busy day you have ahead of you today. I'm tired already. All I managed to do so far was to feed the birds, my barn chores, washing dishes and putting a load of laundry in and folding another and make a big pot of soup foe lunch and I'm tired.

I'm totally jealous of your apricots, wow. Have a blessed day. JB

TexWisGirl said...

loved the part about 'time to live on the porches'. :)

no spring chicken said...

What a sweet glimpse inside your day and your mind! I'm remembering a certain Monday with a certain outlook and I laugh because I am so like you. The day you've described sounds loaded and tiresome. Yet from you sunny description it sounds ... lovely. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Blessings, Debbie

Kim said...

You make the Field of Dreams sound so wonderful. I was reading your post and it was almost like I was sitting on your porch watching it with you. As you know, I am looking forward to living on the porch also.
And Happy Anniversary tomorrow!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

I'm like Texwis Girl.... I loved the sound of 'time to start living on the porch'. Oh, dreams! No such style of living here, with our wind, but we are preparing for our planting too. Isn't it great?!

Sue said...

I always enjoy reading Daybooks, Kim, and the way you described everything, I felt as though I was there with you. I have finally found someone besides me who reads more than one book at a time. lol, I too have been itching to get in the garden, and stay out all day. I would love to be able to grow apricots, and I am going to check to see if we can in our area.
Always a joy to visit.

Donna said...

Inspirational, sweet, motivational and your post today! You are one moving gal....just thinking about all the reading you do (and I LIKE to read) makes my head want to hi the pillow!

Miss Debbie said...

Busy as always, you are!! I worked from 8-6 today. Seems to me my part time job is getting less and less part time! :-( Cooking dinner is probably all I will get done this night! Hope the baby is well and that you have a lovely day tomorrow to celebrate your anniversary. said...

Oh I enjoyed this...what jumped out was your 31st Anniversary and starting to live on the porch instead of the house! I love both of those. Blessings to your ever growing family and enjoy this new season of life and the new season of weather.

Dog Trot Farm said...

I so enjoyed reading this post, I feel privileged to get a glimpse into your personal world. Your Field Of Dreams is truly a bit of heaven on earth.